7 Things To Remember When Buying Your Wedding Shoes

You’re going to want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, from the hair and makeup to your gorgeous gown. One of the most important accessories on your big day is your wedding shoes. When choosing the perfect pair of shoes to go with your perfect dress, you’ll want to remember these seven important things to make sure you find the right pair.

1. Comfort and functionality are key

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when finding any pair of shoes, not just your wedding day ones, is that you will have to walk around in them. You may have found the most beautiful shoe that you’ve been dreaming about, but if you can’t walk in them then they are not the right shoe for you. When you walk down the aisle, all eyes will be on you and you’ll want to look graceful and beautiful. Limping down the aisle because of uncomfortable shoes is a surefire way to look ungraceful, and smiling for photos through the pain will not be easy.

unique wedding shoes 7 Things To Remember When Buying Your Wedding Shoes


2. Break them in

You may have tried them on in the store and decided that they fit, but there’s more to finding the perfect shoe than just trying them on and pacing a few steps back and forth. On your wedding day, you will most likely be on your feet much more than you think. You’ll need to be wearing your shoes for all of your photos, walking down the aisle, standing there for the vows and walking out of the ceremony. Spend some time walking around on different surfaces, such as carpet, hardwood floors and tile, to see if your shoes are slippery. Try walking up and down a flight of stairs to see if your feet slip out or if they rub uncomfortably. Don’t wait until the actual day to try them out – by breaking your shoes in before the big day you can easily avoid all of these issues.


3. Match your dress

Even if your dress is floor length, you’ll still most likely be able to have your shoes peek out a bit under the hem. If you want to have your shoes match your dress, the best way to do this is to take a fabric swatch of the material your dress is made out of to the shoe store so that you can compare the colors and textures of the shoes to your dress. You may think you know exactly what shade of cream or ivory your dress is, but if it’s just slightly off the difference will be more obvious than if you chose to go with a totally different color. It’s important to consider how shiny or matte the shoes are as well so that you can see how reflective they are in different types of light. Also keep in mind that the higher the heel, the longer your dress will have to be. Make sure you buy the appropriate heel height for the length of your dress.
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It’s Just the Beginning… by Lori Reynoso

wedding day photography ideas It’s Just the Beginning… by Lori Reynoso

Photo Credit: Maegen-Christie Photography ©

It’s kind of unbelievable that we’re on the other side. All the stress of wedding planning is over. The vows have been said. The knot has been tied.  Rings have been exchanged. And now, our life together has begun.

It wasn’t an easy process. I’d be lying if I said it was all rainbows and butterflies the whole way through.  If I was being perfectly honest, there were a handful of times where we seriously considered cancelling. Not because we didn’t love each other or because we didn’t want to be together.  The devotion has been there from day one. But the expenses and obligations got to us on more than one occasion.  As simple as it seems in theory; picking colors, dresses, suits, floral arrangements, invitations, etc. and having them ALL match can be an arduous task and those aren’t even the “hard” parts.  For us, I think narrowing down the invitation list and making the seating chart were the extremely painful parts.  How do you choose which cousin to invite and which one not to? Which friends make the cut and which friends do you just avoid for a few months? LOL. Who sits where and how do you discreetly put cousin so-and-so at a random table because he/she doesn’t get along with aunty what’s-her-face? It is NOT easy, and not fun.  With all that said though, and even taking into account all the minor snafus, I know Joseph and I both agree that we wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world.

The night before the wedding I had a bit of an anxiety attack (eeek!).  Our original plans included going to a local bar and hanging out with the bridal party. Kind of like a “last hurrah”.  I had showered and dressed and I finished packing when I just lost it.  Poor Joseph had no idea what to do with himself (much less with me).  A call had come in and I thought my aunt and uncle were cancelling.  You see, my uncle had recently had surgery and although, thank God, there were no complications, surgery is still surgery, and recuperation isn’t easy.  I understood from a month before that it wasn’t going to be easy for them to go but when I saw her name on the caller ID, I couldn’t help but think, “if she doesn’t go (my mother’s sister) then I’d really have none of my biological maternal figures at my wedding.”  Moments later my dad walked in letting me know that she was just confirming what time she’d pick him up in the morning and although hearing that was a relief, it just made me sob all the harder.  I didn’t want to focus on the unpleasant; I had kept it together for 8 months. I was getting married! Woo-hoo! But it was hard to genuinely enjoy it to the fullest when I knew there was a key person missing.
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15 Creative And Unique Guest Book Alternatives

A wedding guest book is a lovely memento from your wedding day. It contains the messages and sentiments of your loved ones wishing you happiness, luck and endless joy for your marriage. Although a traditional guest book is a nice keepsake, there are many fun alternatives that let you and your partner’s personalities shine while providing an interactive activity for your guests to partake in. Here are 15 of the most creative and unique wedding guest book alternatives that we love.

1. Board games

If you and your partner are board game junkies, what better way to commemorate your wedding day than with a Jenga or Scrabble themed guest book? Have your guests sign individual Jenga blocks so that you can put together your own custom Jenga set. You’ll be reminded of all the lovely sentiments your guests shared on your joyous day every time you play the game. If you’re more of a Scrabble couple, have your guests sign a scrabble board with your names spelled out with the tiles!

jenga wedding guest book alternatives 15 Creative And Unique Guest Book Alternatives

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

scrabble wedding guest book alternatives 15 Creative And Unique Guest Book Alternatives

Photo Credit: Runway Chef


2. Thumbprint art

We love the idea of thumbprint art as a wedding guest book alternative. Have your guests dip their thumbs into different colored paints and add their thumbprints to your image of choice! This is the perfect interactive guest book idea that results in a special and beautiful piece of art that you can hang on your wall as a memento of the wonderful day. You can have your guests sign their names on their thumbprints so you can keep track of each one.

thumbprint art wedding guest book 15 Creative And Unique Guest Book Alternatives

Photo Credit: Etsy

thumbprint wedding guest book ideas 15 Creative And Unique Guest Book Alternatives

Photo Credit: Etsy


3. Quilt

A guest book quilt is both creative and practical! Have your guests sign and decorate individual squares of fabric for you to take home and sew together into a cozy quilt. This will require preparation and craftsmanship on your end, so if you’re handy with a sewing machine and fabric swatches then this is a great guest book alternative for you.

wedding guest book quilt 15 Creative And Unique Guest Book Alternatives

Photo Credit: A Smith Of All Trades

wedding guest book alternatives quilt 15 Creative And Unique Guest Book Alternatives

Photo Credit: Yellow Suitcase Studio

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Reception Seating Charts 101

Whether you plan to have 50 guests or 200 guests, a seating plan for your reception is an absolute must. It will help your guests get from the ceremony to their tables as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We know that tackling something like a seating chart for your wedding may seem scary, so we’ve put together this guide to help you create the perfect seating plan for your reception. Take a deep breath – we’re here to help!

1. Seating options

Depending on how many guests you have and how big your venue space is, you’ll need to decide whether round tables or long, rectangular tables are more appropriate. Both types of tables can comfortably fit six to eight guests per table. However, rectangular tables are better if space is an issue while round tables are better for conversation. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, have a combination of both!

wedding reception seating arrangement chart Reception Seating Charts 101

Photo Credit: Caterers Warehouse


2. Assigned seats vs. assigned tables

Deciding who should sit with whom can be tricky, so simply assigning tables to each guest rather than assigning specific seats could be a better option for you if you have a lot of guests. The only exception is if you plan to have a multicourse plated meal with multiple selections for each course, in which case having assigned seats will expedite the serving process. If you are only assigning tables, you will need escort cards to help guests find their way to their tables. If you are assigning seats as well, you will need both escort cards and place cards at each seat.

wedding reception table place cards Reception Seating Charts 101

Photo Credit: Etsy

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