5 DIY Wedding Projects You Can’t Miss

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Many brides find themselves wanting to save money while still adding their own personal touch. They find both of these in adding a DIY element. Without getting too over the top, DIY wedding projects allow many couples to have a fun break from wedding planning and do a unique date night instead. Always well paired with wine, beer, tea, coffee, and the perfect friend or fiancé, these projects are guaranteed to result in fond memories, laughs, and great decorations for your wedding day or future home! Before you go ahead and get too over the top and Pinterest-y on us, here are 5 projects that won’t result in a crafting fail:

DIY Wedding - Emily Katharine photography

Photo Credit: Emily Katharine Photography

1. Rustic Wedding Signs

You’re almost guaranteed to see one of these at every wedding you go to. You may see it as a welcome sign, venue direction signs that point where the reception versus the cocktail hour are being held, aisle decorations, or even Mr. & Mrs. chair signs. While this decoration has become a staple in weddings, they never get old, and there’s so much opportunity for customization and personalization.

Here is a great DIY tutorial on how to create your perfect rustic wedding sign.

DIY Wedding - Jeremy Chou Photography

Photo Credit: Jeremy Chou Photography

2. Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes

You said “yes” to the love your life, so now it’s your time to pop the question to all of your best friends. These girls (or guys) will be standing next to you while you say “I do” and begin a new chapter in your life. Beyond just the wedding, they will be there for you through thick and thin. By asking them this question, you’re asking them to stand next to you for the rest of your life. Making bridesmaids proposal boxes will be the perfect way to pop the question and show your bridesmaids the importance that they hold in your life.

This blog breaks down how to make adorable and trendy bridesmaids boxes that your girls won’t be able to say no to!

DIY Wedding - ashley largesse photography

Photo Credit: Ashley Largesse Photography

3. DIY Wedding Favors

There are so many options that you can do for this DIY project. You can create succulent pots and extend your green wedding into the hands of your guests. Or, you can get witty and create cute bags that you fill with seeds and personalize with a saying like “let love grow.” Our absolute favorite and creative wedding favor that we’ve seen is a wedding soundtrack that is given to each guest. What better way to have your guests remember your special day than by your favorite songs? Sounds like an awesome favor to us!

This wedding soundtrack tutorial will help walk you through how to make this favor the most adorable favor any of your guests will ever receive.

DIY Wedding

4. Photo Booth and Guest Book Station

Unique wedding guest books and photo booth stations have become one of the most popular trends that couples love incorporating into their wedding day. There are so many backdrop options that will make your photo booth stand out among the rest. You can take all of those pictures and incorporate them into an awesome guest book that you can reminisce on for years to come.

This DIY photo booth tutorial teaches you a great way to do it yourself and will give you some inspiration on different backgrounds.

DIY Wedding - Amber Phinisee

Photo Credit: Amber Phinisee

5. DIY Wedding Games and Activities

Here at BrideBox, we’re a sucker for good games and activities. We take game nights very seriously. Bringing this excitement and competition (all in good fun) to light during your wedding will not go unnoticed. Your guests will absolutely love having something to do during cocktail hour. If done right, and if you take the extra step by doing it yourself, your games will go down in conversations for decades as such a fun element of your day.

Jenga, ring toss, cornhole, and so much more can be incorporated into your DIY project. Have your guests take the personalization one step further by signing their name on your cornhole boards, Jenga pieces, or ring toss bottles.

This cornhole tutorial is extensive and very easy to follow. These cornhole sets will last a lifetime!

DIY Wedding - Jon Duenas

Photo Credit: Jon Duenas

These ideas and inspiration will be guaranteed to save you money on your wedding budget. As a bride on a budget, or just a bride who loves to craft, these are great projects to get started on when you have some extra time.

Which one is your favorite DIY project? Which one will you get started on ASAP?

We love the bridesmaid’s boxes inspiration. With these needing to get out within a month of us getting engaged, we’re already behind the eight ball!

5 DIY Wedding Projects You Can't Miss
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5 DIY Wedding Projects You Can't Miss
Which of these 5 DIY wedding projects will you incorporate into your big day? You may be surprised to find out that you're already behind on one of them!

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