6 Brides Face The Elements On Their Wedding Days

We’re all cautious when planning an outdoor wedding, particularly if it happens to be hurricane or tornado season. But sometimes things are just simply out of your control. For these six brides, natural disasters struck, but they didn’t allow these elements to ruin their special days! In fact, they only became MORE special thanks to these once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities.

Tornado Photobombing

For this couple in Saskatoon, Canada, a tornado photobombed their wedding day shoot, creating the ultimate dramatic photo that is truly unique.

natural disaster tornado wedding day

Photo Credit: Colleen Niska


Raging Wildfire of Passion

Who could forget these stunning Oregon wildfire photos that quickly went viral all over the internet? This couple certainly did not let this raging natural disaster ruin their wedding day.

wildfire natural disaster wedding photo

Photo Credit: Josh Newton


Wedding Day Showers

Rain is one of the most unpredictable elements that can immediately ruin all of your wedding day plans. For this couple, it created a magical and romantic moment that was beautifully captured.

wedding day rainstorm

Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography


Snowing A Flurry Of Love

If you’re planning to have a winter wonderland wedding, one can only dream of this gorgeous snowy landscape for wedding photos. This couple lucked out and their photographer was able to capture this stunning image.

wedding day snow storm

Photo Credit: Jon Mark Photography


Strong Winds, Strong Bonds

Wind is one of the most deceiving elements – you could look out of a window and see a perfect, sunny day, only to have gusty winds ruin the moment. This couple was able to get a gorgeous wedding photo from the wind blowing the bride’s veil perfectly behind her.

windy outdoor wedding day

Photo Credit: Joy Lyn Photography


A Hurricane Won’t Stop Us

Although this shot may not be considered the ideal wedding photo, it certainly is the most unique and truly captures the essence of the day. This bride and groom didn’t let Hurricane Irene stop them from celebrating their love for one another.

hurricane wedding photo

Photo Credit: A Vivid Eye

6 Brides Face The Elements On Their Wedding Days
Article Name
6 Brides Face The Elements On Their Wedding Days
We're all careful when having an outdoor wedding, but some things are just out of your control. See how these 6 brides faced the elements on their wedding days.

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