7 Wedding Videos To Inspire Your Big Day

Wedding Videos: the real-life version of a romantic movie. With the ability to have a cinematic version of your wedding that allows you to relive it every time you press play, there’s no wonder why this is one of the top wedding trends. Who doesn’t love looking at pretty things and experiencing in special moments?! Whether you’re married, dating, engaged, or single, these 7 wedding videos will have you engrossed in these couples big days and in some cases, even in tears. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Jessica + Michael’s Boho Glam Wedding

Jessica and Michael’s Boho Glam wedding was nothing short of amazing. From the immaculate bridesmaids and their mismatched white gowns to the tassel chandelier; from the gemstone invites to the abundance of flowers; from the beautiful couple and to their heartfelt (tear-wrenching) vows, this wedding will without a doubt take your breath away.

Video Credit: Heart Stone Films

Kevin + Christine’s Eastern Shore Wedding

This wedding just brings a smile to your face. With a stunning backdrop of the Houghton House, Kevin & Christine’s wedding is classic, elegant yet fun and unique. You can tell that this couple is so in love, will laugh their way through life, and have you laughing along with them.

Video Credit: Monachetti Weddings

Chris + Vivian’s Franciscan Gardens Wedding

Chris and Vivian’s wedding is straight out of Pinterest. From the entry way to their exit, every detail was stunning and absolutely perfect. Emma Lynn Cinema captured their style and personalities flawlessly and will have you inspired by it all.

Video Credit: Emma Lynn Cinema

Whitney + Brian’s Shore Lodge Wedding

This winter wedding is a story of love. But more than just love between a man and a woman, the love also between a man and a child. Brian fell in love with both Whitney and her daughter, Brielle, and because of that, he said his vows to both of them. A tearjerker that you won’t want to miss!

Video Credit: PenWeddings

Jenny + Travis’s Chic Florida Wedding

“Because I’ve fallen in love with life, I’ve fallen deeply in love with you.” – Jenny

This is an epic love story of one of the cutest couples ever. They are so in love, goofy, and absolutely stunning. Their vows, their venue, their personalities, everything is perfect about this video. Without a doubt, their day will give you chills, tears, and inspiration.

Video Credit: Ivory and Iron

Ryan + Amanda’s Surprise Wedding

Proposal and a wedding in one day! A raw, hilarious, emotional, and exciting story told through the eyes of Ryan as he completely surprises Amanda. What’s so unique about this story, is that you get to live through every moment of the day with them: their first I love you’s, her “YES”, and their “I do’s.” This is a definite must watch!

Video Credit: Jeff Ray

Justin + Emily’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding

Personal, romantic, and flush with emotion. This wedding is straight out of a dream – a midsummer night’s one at that. Don’t miss the heartfelt vows that will have you crying with them! You may also recognize them from their creative and unique viral proposal!

Video Credit: Full Frame Cinema

Not having a wedding video has become one of the biggest regrets that brides have. These wedding videos are packed with emotion, artistry, and excitement and are the perfect way to experience that day over and over again. It allows you to include your family and friends that may not have been able to make it in person! We hope that you loved these wedding videos and that they offered inspiration if your wedding day is right around the corner! Which wedding video was your favorite?

7 Wedding Videos To Inspire Your Big Day
Article Name
7 Wedding Videos To Inspire Your Big Day
These 7 wedding videos will have you dreaming or reminiscing of your big day, laughing along with the couples, and even in some cases, have you tearing up.

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