8 Perfect Color Combinations for Your Wedding

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Your wedding color scheme will set the tone for the entire day. Darker hues are more formal and can be considered more refined and stylish, while lighter tones are more playful and romantic. By mixing and matching different shades of the rainbow, you can achieve all sorts of different tones and settings to help set the mood for your wedding. Here are eight gorgeous color combinations that are sure to fit any wedding style and personality.

1. Mint, gold and peach

Mint green has been an ultra trendy color for the past few years, and with its versatility as a pastel cool color, it is easily paired with most other shades of the rainbow. It looks particularly nice when paired with gold, both matte and sparkly, as well as warmer pastel tones such as peach. This contrast of warm versus cool colors in pastel tones is enough to be eye-catching and unique, yet it is not too striking of a difference to seem mismatched. These three colors create a gorgeous rustic springtime wedding palette.

succulents peach roses wedding bouquet

Photo Credit: Belle the Magazine

mint peach gold wedding table setting

Photo Credit: Sweet Chic Events

mint bridesmaid dresses peach bouquet

Photo Credit: Tulle and Chantilly


2. Pink, grey and ivory

Another fabulous combination of pastel and neutral hues is pink, grey and ivory. Pink and grey have long been coupled together as a beautiful contrast of light and dark, and the added neutral shade of ivory completes the palette. The best part about pink and grey is that no matter what shade you choose to go with for either color, the pair will still look great together. Baby pink and charcoal grey go hand-in-hand just as well as dark pink and light grey, and every combination in between. This palette is perfect for a soft, romantic look at your wedding.

pink grey ivory wedding bouquet

Photo Credit: The Merry Bride

pink grey ivory bridesmaid dresses

Photo Credit: Cake Chooser

pink grey white wedding table setting

Photo Credit: Neohl

3. Navy, yellow and white

If you’d like to channel a nautical theme in your wedding, navy and white is the typical color scheme you’ll want to go with. Adding in yellow for a pop of brightness can both enhance and diminish the nautical effect; use a pale yellow to maintain the nautical theme, or use a bright or dark yellow for a totally different feel. Regardless of whether or not you are trying to achieve a certain theme, there is no question that navy, yellow and white are gorgeous colors that go perfectly together.

navy yellow white wedding cake

Photo Credit: Sweet Wedding Cakes

navy bridesmaid dresses yellow bouquets

Photo Credit: Bridal Musings

navy yellow white wedding table setting

Photo Credit: Divine Events


4. Coral, teal and light grey

Two very popular colors for 2014 are coral and teal, and they just happen to pair amazingly together. These two bright hues are fun and coordinate well with a light grey to balance out the palette. Perfect for a spring or summer outdoor wedding, these shades are sure to create a fun and happy atmosphere for any ceremony or reception. The contrast between coral and teal added with the basic neutral of light grey is a beautiful color scheme for those who love bright colors.

coral teal wedding bouquet

Photo Credit: Wedding Themes

teal bridesmaid dresses coral bouquet

Photo Credit: Follow Pics

coral teal grey wedding table setting

Photo Credit: Bellingham Event Rentals

5. Purple, silver and blue

If you’re looking for the perfect cool color scheme for your wedding, purple and blue are great colors due to their many tints and versatility of mixing and matching. Choose from light shades of purple, such as lavender and lilac, or darker shades of purple, such as violet and royal purple. Select a shade of blue, ranging from periwinkle blue to bright dazzling blue or dark navy blue. Throw in silver in either matte or sparkly as your neutral and you’ve got a winning combination. Both purple and blue are very popular choices for uplighting your reception as well.

blue purple white orchid wedding bouquet

Photo Credit: Bouquet Wedding Flower

blue purple silver wedding reception

Photo Credit: Wedding Story Studio

blue purple silver uplighting wedding reception decor

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee


6. Orange, white and goldenrod

Celosia orange is one of the trendiest colors for 2014 and this gorgeous color adds a splash of color and warmth to your wedding. Combine with goldenrod yellow and white to make the perfect blend of warm, sunny colors. If you’re not convinced that bright orange is for you, burnt orange and a deep orange red also look great with this lovely shade of golden yellow. White is the perfect neutral color to incorporate into this wedding scheme to add a touch of freshness and lightness. These citrus colors are perfect for spring, summer and fall.

orange goldenrod roses wedding bouquet

Photo Credit: Country Bouquets Floral

orange yellow white wedding ceremony

Photo Credit: Splendid Stems

orange yellow bridesmaids dresses

Photo Credit: The Knot


7. Emerald, jade and charcoal

Emerald and jade are two beautiful gemstones, each a stunning shade of green. Emerald is a richer, darker green while jade is a lighter, more muted green. The two perfectly complement one another and are both flattering colors on people of all shapes and sizes. Use alongside a charcoal grey color to accentuate the lively, radiant emerald as well as the serene, softer jade greens. This color scheme is perfect if you’re planning a rustic, nature themed wedding.

jade charcoal bridesmaid dresses

Photo Credit: Love to Know

jade green grey suit

Photo Credit: Grey Likes Weddings

emerald jade green wedding tablescape

Photo Credit: Bridal Guide


8. Red, black and taupe

Red and black are two very dramatic colors that achieve a sense of romance and emotional power. They are the ideal colors to use in your wedding if you are planning a modern, formal affair that is centered around the energy of your love for one another. To balance out the darker tones, use a creamy or smoky taupe color to lighten up the theme and create a beautiful contrast in colors. This combination of red, black and taupe is ideal for winter weddings, though the colors would look great year round.

red black taupe wedding tablescape

Photo Credit: Rachel Clingen

black bridesmaid dresses red shoes

Photo Credit: Marry Me Tampa Bay

red black wedding cake

Photo Credit: Weddings of Joy

8 Perfect Color Combinations for Your Wedding
Article Name
8 Perfect Color Combinations for Your Wedding
Need inspiration for the perfect color scheme for your wedding? Choose from these 8 perfect color combos that are guaranteed to look great.

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88 Responses

  1. Faith says:

    Love the colours beautiful


    Im getting married an my theme are gold, ivory, white, black with accented red im looking for a vintage look can u send me pictures of some designs in this theme if you have decorations, table Settings, chair covers, overlays, cuttlery etc thanks

  3. nelo says:

    My wedding is this September2015. I need Ur help urgently! I’m confused if the colour I’ve chosen is good or too serious. I chose emerald green,turquoise blue,purple and white. I don’t know if they rhyme. Green is my best colour so as my late Mum’s sad she is not alive to help me plan. Coral is also a nice colour but not sure how to blend it in.please I need Ur help urgently! It’s better to receive Ur message through mail. Humbly waiting for Ur reply. Thanks Nelo

  4. Hope says:

    Nelo, I’m sorry about your Mum’s physical absence at such time as this. My daughter is also getting married, just before yours. And like you, we both share a liking for Green and Gold. She has chosen Emerald Green, Rose Gold and Ivory.

    I think your choice of Emerald Green, Turquoise Blue and White will blend nicely, better than an addition of Purple. Or if you must have Purple, it may be better to leave the blue shade out, otherwise you’ll end up with three strong colours.

    You can try to compare your choice of colours by visiting fabric stores with a friend and checking the combinations of various colours, also asking the opinions of people around, especially the store staff.

  5. christiana says:

    Hi, My wedding is in August I chose coral and lemon green, my husband to be is wearing black and white what other color should I add also does the color combinations rhyme. Thank You

  6. dark navy says:

    Aw, this was a very good post. Taking the time and actual effort
    to create a really good article… but what can I say…
    I procrastinate a lot and don’t seem to get anything done.

  7. Biggy says:

    I wish you can combine or show these colours.

  8. Frances says:


    Beautiful article. My wedding is in September and the colour combination I am considering for the day is Golden yellow, Emerald green, sapphire blue and coral. What do you think about it?

  9. Edgar Milanio says:

    Hi! My wedding will be on December..can I ask what is the good color combination for the said month.thank you

  10. Amy says:

    I love the colours. My fiance and I plan to have our wedding in March 2017,what am looking for are colours that match with red

  11. Preeti Topno says:

    I am getting married on 5th Jan,2015.can you suggest some multi color themes

  12. Preeti Topno says:

    Just a correction on the previous comment.The wedding is on 5th jan,2016

  13. Shawnta says:

    Hello my colors are purple, fuschia and tangerine. I don’t know how to incorporate all 3. I believe that I will have the bridesmaids to wear purple. The maid of honor will wear tangerine and matron will wear a fuschia dress. I’m not sure about the groomsmen attire. Please help!

  14. Nkechi says:

    Please I need your help. My wedding is in September. My colors are teal green, fuchsia pink and silver. Please how do I combine it. Please I will appreciate your input. God bless you!

  15. Monica says:

    My wedding is April 9, 2016 our colors are fucshia pink, tangerine, and creme or fucshia, tangerine and grey…but my husband wants his tux to stand out how can his tux stand out with these colors

  16. Sarala says:

    Hi please help me to suggest my wedding hall decoration color. My dress color is gold+green+a bit red and my future husband shirt color is red.
    Can suggest me 3 color for my hall decorations? please…

  17. christina says:

    Hello I’m getting married in 10 days and my dress is begie…what color should my fiance wear?my favorite color is teal?

  18. Isi says:

    Teal and silver is a great combination

  19. Ada says:

    My wedding is in March
    I’ve chosen green, peach and ivory as my colors
    Can u say something about this combination?
    Pls what color of tie can my husband wear to fit in

  20. NATASHA LEE says:


  21. NATASHA LEE says:


  22. Dami says:

    Pls am getting married in may 2016 but d prob is das i want a torch of purple but i dont know wat oda colors 2 combine wit… N i want my hubby 2 be 2 wear a suit in color of eida navy blue … I dont know if it really goes… Pls help me out.. Thkd

  23. Pamela says:

    I’m getting married in June 2016. I want to use teal(tiffany blue) silver/grey, red and white
    I want silver dresses, with red roses and a touch of teal. The groom’s men silver suits with a red vest and teal tie and hankie. I want it to be a nice elegant wedding.
    Do you think this is a good color combination? Should I leave out the color red? I always like grey/silver and red but I also like the tiffany blue color.
    Please help!

  24. Laura says:

    So many beautiful color palette options in here! It’s honestly hard to pick a favorite. Each has its own flavor, its own personality and unique feel to it. Great collection, great inspiration.

  25. Mimi la Cherish says:

    pls I need your help on the colour I will use on my wedding day. My wedding is on the 4th of April 2016 and my birthday is also on that same 4th of April. I like Green and Gold, I also like blue and yellow but is like the two colours are rampant. pls I need your help, Just give me two colours that can go together. Or give me another colour that can go with green.

  26. Mimi LA Cherish says:

    Am getting married on the 4th of April 2016 and my birthday is the same day 4th April. I have a problem with the colour to chose. I like green, so which colour will go with green. Pls help me with two perfect colours for my wedding. Pls help me is important.

  27. Akinware Kemi says:

    i don’t know the colour to match with powder blue that will make my marriage colourful and fabulous

  28. Janet says:

    Beautiful combinations!!! Well put together…My wedding is coming up in May, I way to do something unique and I want to do red, teal and grey. I’m sure it’s going to be cool

  29. niita says:

    I have to decorate a wedding in October .the colours are maroon and beige. any ideas that you can offer. Have not seen this before

  30. Cossy says:

    please can someone help me combine Peach,gold and what shape of green will match because my wedding is dis May.

  31. Favour says:

    Dear Mimi, have you tried matching green with peach. I think it looks great

  32. Favour says:

    Dear Kemi, powder blue can blend well with yellow + a slight touch of sea green.

  33. joy says:

    hi my wedding is coming up by october, am really confused on d way I can combine peach, royal blue and silver/ash/grey. don’t know which one to use for my chief brides maid and bridals and which colour of tie/ bow tie I can use on my groom am men on suit. pls suggest for me and give an idea on colours too, thanks

  34. Yemisi says:

    My wedding is in May but am still confused on the colours to use, i love burgundy and champagne gold or Rose Gold and Teal Green.

  35. Getting married married these year my colours for bridemaids is peach.for men I dont want to use maroon or blue.or grey.please help to choose mens suit.

  36. Amanda says:

    Please am getting married this year, and my colours are purple, blue and silver, how do i mix the colours.

  37. Irene says:

    Pls Can i merge gray,coral ,royal blue n champagne gold together for my wedding which is coming up in July 2016?Thank you

  38. cynthia ify says:

    Hi my wedding is in july this year, and am still confused on the colour of my bridemaids.my favourite colours are red, white and blue.please which of this colour
    do i use for my maid of honour and bridemaids.

  39. John mary says:

    My wedding is coming up soon i don’t know if royal blue,yellow and a shades on gray is a perfect combination

  40. Wendy says:

    Hi,thank you for your informative article

  41. Veronica wainaina says:

    I’m getting married on October 29th and my colors are blue red, white and hot pink how do I mix the colours

  42. Tina says:

    Hi there, im looking at your suggestions..all are pretty gud idea and nice. My dinner hall deco is red,gold and white.. What color attire will suit the most?? Im planning royal blue attire. Its indian wedding.

  43. Allison Snyder says:

    I really love the colors. Do you think light blue and light grey would go together email me and let me know. So eager but don’t know if these colors go good together.

  44. Grace says:

    What other colour can i put with emerald green and gold…am in love with bright colours but i don’t what to over do it

  45. Payche says:

    @Joy you can make the bridesmaids gown in royal blue with silver accessories, your chiefbrides’ maid gown in peace with silver accessories and your groom men with a grey suit and a royal blue tie and a royal blue lapel pin. Hope this helps, you can reach me via paychedesigns@gmail.com

  46. Jane says:

    My wedding is coming up on December, but am confuse on which colour to chose for my decoration, even d colour my chief brides maid is going to and d one my bridals is going wear, and my husband suit, tie and shoe combination. And d colour my husband and I is going to sew that day because is both white and traditional wedding and even the name of material am going to use because i don’t know anything concerning wedding and colour and my best colour is pink. But if you want to choose a perfect colour for me without pink, no problem I will take it. Pls ma help me, i want my marriage to be d best.

  47. Endy says:

    Hello ma wedding is july and my colours are teal peach, I need a third colour. What colour of tie wld my husband use

  48. alamu olusegun akingbade says:

    I want to do wedding in December 2016 kindly suggest best color combination for the month of December for me

  49. lynda says:

    Hello ma, my wedding is in August, kindly help with colors. i am confused of the colors to mix with peach that will come out beautiful. i am confused of the color my Bridal train and maid of honor should wear. i was thinking of a combination of Peach and Navy. but i want 3 colors. kindly assist in the last color or suggest other colors that will come out beautiful. thanks so much.

  50. homely says:

    hi, pls. I choose purple, mint, and green as my wedding colour but help me out de colour of tie my hubby should wear and suit he should put on because he does like black suit. tanks……

  51. Ruth agim says:

    Beautiful color themes I must say!so mny beautiful colours to choose from..my wedding is in September and I choose my favourite colours which is yellow and teal green,my mum loves gold so i am considering these colours:- yellow,teal green and champagne or rose gold…I need a fourth colour idea and pictures to show this combination if you have any.please your honest opinion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot

  52. sisa says:

    Hi. my wedding is in early september 2016. my main colour is “red-orange” that is sunset orange and ivory.. l need a third colour to strike a balance.. please help. and what colours can my bridesmaids wear. The groomsmen are wearing black suits with sunset orange bowties and suspenders.

  53. juliet says:

    Hello,my wedding is in October and my colors are red and gold,i’m in dire need of a 3rd color which my bridesmaids would wear with red accessories.

  54. jumoke says:

    Pls ma my wedding is coming up in October and I already picked teal blue and champagne gold but I want to introduce a third color to make the decoration come out well and am so confused. Pls can you help me. Thanks!

  55. Lizbeth says:

    My sis wedding is next month, she choose royal blue,yellow and red, plz how good is dis combination.

  56. Radiance says:

    Pls, my wedding is in December 2016 and my colours are white, royal purple, and golden yellow. How good is d combination? My bridal train will be putting on purple, I’m confused on the colour my maid of honour should put on. My fiance is putting on a black suit, white shirt with a royal purple tie. Expecting a reply soonest. Thanks

  57. Zainab says:

    Hi, please am in seriouz need of your advice on the colours to use for my big day which is in September 2016… The colours that i have choosed are mint green, peach for the bride family and friend respectively and i will be wearing a gold gown but am yet to get a colour for the grooms family. Please help. Thanks.

  58. Deborah A.T says:

    Pls I need your advice, my wedding is December 2016 and am not sure about my colour yet. I choose mint green and fucial pink for brides family am not sure maybe the colors are match or not… Kindly help out ..thanks

  59. Shelley says:

    My granddaughter is marrying Oct 2016 and is using teal but I think much darker than the one shown in example. As Grandmother of the bride what would be some good choices for me to wear. Found one I like in navy.

  60. Preye Saborogha says:

    I was planning to use mint, peach and gold but I am now reconsidering because I think I would want one of the colour shades to be darker for a more refined and stylish look as u put it. What do u think about replacing the peach with something like fuschia pink? Do u think fuschia pink, mint and gold will be nice? Or do u know a better colour I can replace the peach with?

  61. Cindy Dore says:

    My wedding is next month, I choose royal blue, purple and pink.

  62. Xteezzy says:

    Hey! I just wanna know if royal purple and red can make my day colourful? And I’d like a sample on that. Thanks

  63. Samuel says:

    Im going for a wedding next week and the theme of the wedding is nature. Ive got a navy blue suit and a dark grey suit I want to wear. Which will be better for the theme. And what tie and shirt colour combination would be best with the theme

  64. jessy says:

    My wedding is coming up by October. ..my colours are peach, mint green. my girls are wearing peach and the chief wearing
    mint…but I dnt knw the combo dat would b nice for my man and his guy..plz help

  65. Jennifer says:

    Am getting married on December my colors are royal blue, purple, white and pink. please help with the colour combination.

  66. Jennifer says:

    My wedding is on December 3, my colors are royal blue, purple, white and pink. please help me with the colour combination.

  67. Favour pada says:

    Coral, navy blue and gold are nice wedding colours.groom can put on a navy blue suit,bride’s maids can rock metallic gold gowns with navy blue shoes Nd d maid of honour a coral dress……

  68. faith says:

    Hi, my wedding will be February 2017, do U think turquoise green, peach and cream will be perfect. Would love my man to wear a cream suit with a peach bow tie, how do U see it?

  69. mitchelle says:

    am getting married in april 2017. my theme colour is teal and silver, do you think these are suitable. what colours can the bridal team wear? what of groom suit, tie etc and our parents?

  70. Bob Tambo says:

    Hello, my wedding is in April 2017, my colors are : Pink, Blue and Gold,
    can they go together? please advice,
    and how can they be blended?

  71. Miz P says:

    I am planning my wedding and we are stuck with color palette to use,is royal blue,gold,and cream a good combo or there is another shade of d blue dt ll match with the gold and cream.

  72. funke says:

    hello ,pls can royal blue ,white and gold go together?if yes which color should my cheif braid made ware,and bridal maid and ladies honour should ware pls I need your advice

  73. my wedding is coming up match 2017 purple is my best colour but i don’t know what other colors to join it with please help me now because many are asking about the color of my wedding

  74. Francess says:

    Hi. Looking for a prefect combo for my wedding. Is there any way i can combine purple, sliver and yellow or purple, white and yellow?

  75. Fragile says:

    I am getting married in June 2017. My colors are royal blue, lilac/lavender and silver. What colors dresses should My bridesmaids and jr bridesmaid wear also my matron of honor. Thanks my fiancee wants to wear a royal blue suit

  76. Anyanwu tonia says:

    Hi my wedding is coming up April , and my color is purple , blue and pink. Is it a nice combination and what color can my brides made wear

  77. Chisom Prudence says:

    Please I have a wedding coming up in September this year, what other colour(s) would uniquely go with a Red and Silver themed wedding. Thanks…

  78. Adenike says:

    My wedding is coming up April 2017. I choose peach n sea green but don’t knw d colour my maid of honour should wear n Bridal train. If they wear peach gown, what colour of shoe should they wear?

  79. Esther Chuks says:

    The colours are nice. My wedding will be in July. Pls suggest colours for me though am considering Oxblood, gold and cream. But don’t know the colour of suit that will be perfect for my husband, chief, bridal train and both families. Thanks.

  80. Juliet says:

    hello, please I’m planning my wedding and my colours are pumpkin orange a turquoise green. what colour of tux for the groom and groomsmen will match with my colours.

  81. Funmilayo says:

    Hello,pls I want to knw wat other color to combine with teal and copper for my wedding. And for the bridesmaids is it advisable to mix colours for the dress Nd wat color with the bouquet.tnks

  82. Ebere says:

    Please my weddin is coming up next year and I choose oxblood and gold please which other color can I put in it to make it colorful

  83. Yael Fuoco says:

    Good post. I absolutely appreciate this site . Keep writing!

  84. Abiola says:

    Hi, my wedding is coming up in the last quarter of the year. My colors are sapphire blue and peach. Kindly suggest any other color to combine with those, bridesmaids and men in suits color and tux for my groom. I’ll appreciate.

  85. Adesanya Adebimpe says:

    Hi, am getting married dis year November and my colour combination is mint green pink dose that go

  86. Jennifer says:

    Hi…thank you for creating this! My Wedding is coming towards the year end. I choose off white and peach. Please what other color can I add? My fiancé isn’t helping. He Feels red or green is not an option. I did be pleased to have you help. Thank you very kindly

  87. Joyceline says:

    My wedding is coming up on
    December, but am confuse on
    which colour to chose for my
    decoration, even d colour my chief
    brides maid is going to and d one
    my bridals is going wear, and my
    husband suit, tie and shoe
    combination. And d colour my
    husband and I is going to sew that
    day because is both white and
    traditional wedding and even the
    name of material am going to use
    because i don’t know anything
    concerning wedding and colour and
    my best colour is pink. But if you
    want to choose a perfect colour for
    me without pink, no problem I will
    take it. Pls ma help me, i want my
    marriage to be d best.

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