How to Avoid Disasters at Your Outdoor Wedding

Warm weather and beautiful scenery are two of the more obvious reasons to have an outdoor wedding. But, with these wonderful attributes come the potential for disaster. No matter where you are or what time of year it is, weather and nature are things that cannot be controlled no matter how hard you try. Rain, wind, pollen and heat are four elements that are unpredictable and can change in the blink of an eye. Here are a few ways to help you prepare for and avoid these potential wedding fiascos.

Have backup venue arrangements

Sure, your heart may be set on saying “I do” in the gazebo on the perfectly manicured lawn, but if it rains, your guests certainly can’t sit in the wet and muddy grass. Ask your venue whether they have a tent available in case of weather emergencies or if they have additional indoor space if the rain turns into a torrential downpour or gale force winds start blowing. If the weather forecast’s prediction of nice weather turns into unbearably hot  temperatures, having a tent rental available will help keep your guests cool in the shade too. Having a backup plan to combat any kind of weather changes will definitely help you avoid a wedding catastrophe.

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Research your destination before committing

Whether you’re planning a full-on destination wedding or a ceremony at a nice place not too far from home, make sure that you are picking a time and place with the type of climate you are looking for. Do your homework and research the place that you want to host your outdoor nuptials. For example, there are many beautiful places to host an outdoor ceremony in San Francisco, but what if you didn’t know that the summer months are actually consistently the foggiest of the whole year? Or, what if you thought that a tropical paradise like Thailand or the Caribbean would be a perfect place to get married year round but failed to check to see when hurricane season is? Although weather can change quickly and without warning, you can still avoid potential disasters by conducting some research before committing to a time and place that is prone to bad weather.

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Ensure your guests are comfortable

A beautiful sunny day may seem like the perfect setting for your outdoor wedding, but there is the possibility of too-hot temperatures, a high pollen count and lots of mosquitoes. No matter how short you think your ceremony is, if your guests have to sit through it battling bugs, allergies and heat, they are going to be seriously uncomfortable. Prepare for these possible mishaps by spraying the seats with bug spray and buying citronella candles or bug-repelling lamps to spread throughout the guest seating area. Sturdy tents are a great source of shade, and ice cold water bottles at each seat for thirsty guests will be greatly appreciated. If there is a possibility of a lot of pollen, inform guests ahead of time so that they can bring their own allergy medication if needed. Even though this is your big day, your friends and family will be very grateful if you take these precautions in consideration of their comfort.

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Purchase wedding insurance

Aside from weather, there are a lot of things that could go wrong on your big day. Although it’s not fun to think about, having wedding insurance will help you get back on track in case something does happen. Wedding insurance typically covers things like vendors not showing up, huge weather issues that prevent people from getting to the venue (such as hurricanes and earthquakes), injuries, issues with the venue and much more. Having wedding insurance will help give you peace of mind if disaster does happen to strike and it will only be a fraction of the cost and hassle that you would have to deal with otherwise.

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How to Avoid Disasters at Your Outdoor Wedding
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How to Avoid Disasters at Your Outdoor Wedding
Outdoor weddings offer gorgeous scenery and fresh air, but things may not go perfectly to plan. Here's How to Avoid Disasters at Your Outdoor Wedding.

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