BrideBox Visits The Great Bridal Expo in San Francisco

On November 30th, 2013, we were able to attend the Great Bridal Expo in San Francisco, CA. For those who have always been curious about going to Great Bridal Expo shows or just bridal shows in general, this video is for you.

Great Bridal Expo

Video Transcript

Liz: “Hi, I’m Liz from BrideBox and we are here at the Great Bridal Expo in San Francisco. It’s a great venue to meet a lot of brides in a short amount of time. Brides can interview and see a lot of different vendors over a wide number of categories and services they might need for their wedding.  They are able to get a lot of their questions answered directly on the floor and it’s also a nice way to see some upcoming trends that will be in their wedding season.” “We like exiting with Great Bridal Expo because it gives us a chance to meet the brides in person and to show them what are wedding albums are actually like! There’s not an easy way to show the production quality of a professional album with just a website and pictures alone, but once brides are able to feel the pages in their hands and see what a leather cover looks like, it helps them envision what their wedding photography can be.

Once you see them side by side as well, there’s no comparison between a wedding album and a photo book. Wedding album production quality will be much higher and you can really see what value you can get out of a BrideBox album. It’s also great to see the reactions of the bride and they always really like the product. Brides are very favorable about it and its really nice to see brides get excited about BrideBox.”

Bride: “I loved them. They’re so beautiful! The pictures are so bright and really pop! I love how it tells the story.”

Bride: “I really love them, especially the price compared to others, its very very competitive.”

Bride: “The fact you can customize it, you make it your own just like everyone has their one individualize wedding, so defiantly a nice option.”

Bride: “I think the quality and just to have the memories. I’ve seen albums throughout the years especially my parents album, you know it’s falling apart and such things with technology now, it’s the quality and the appearance. “

Bride: “I think the quality is awesome, actually. Just kinda looking at it, it looks professional. You are obviously are a professional company, it looks like something you really put your work into, you really do what the customer wants”


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BrideBox Visits The Great Bridal Expo In San Francisco, CA

BrideBox visits The Great Bridal Expo in San Francisco, CA. See Brides, wedding vendors, venues and a close up look of BrideBox wedding albums

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