Relive Every Amazing Moment from Your Wedding Day

Free Video? For Your Wedding? Amazingly, it’s True!

98% of brides regret not having a wedding video. Most budget for a photographer and/or only rely on their Instagram wedding hashtag and feed to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moments registered by family and friends.

Big mistake. The photos can’t replay your first dance. The photos don’t allow you to hear the crack in your dad’s voice during the toast.


We’ve partnered with WeddingMix to get you a beautiful, FREE, custom video to watch every anniversary:

  • WeddingMix is the free photo and video app that gives you MORE
  • Unlimited 2 min video clips and photos
  • Free help promoting to guests – table card and email templates provided
  • Custom shot list and interview questions
  • Plus a free edited highlight video! No wonder couples get an average of 372 photo and videos and rate it #1 on The Knot.

With the WeddingMix app, you will be able to safely capture and keep all those wonderful moments without worrying about them being buried by Instagram or not shared properly.


As PopSugar journalist and WeddingMix bride, Leah Melby Clinton, shared in her article:

“Our friends and family got to record messages and footage from the entire weekend, and since they were just with each other, they were more comfortable to do silly or personal stuff. Plus, it was nice to not have another stranger hovering around and close during these major, intimate moments.”

WeddingMix is the best app to capture some of the moments you want to relive forever through a very special perspective – the eyes of the ones who love you most. Learn more here.

*Already married?* No problem. Contact WeddingMix (1-800-831-1649) and learn how they can custom create your wedding video from the footage already captured by your wedding guests and photographer.


Relive Every Amazing Moment from Your Wedding Day
Article Name
Relive Every Amazing Moment from Your Wedding Day
We've teamed up with WeddingMix to bring you this amazing opportunity that will allow you to relive every unique moment of your special day.

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