California Brides: How To Save On Your Wedding Photography Tax

Wedding photography can be one of the most expensive items of a wedding but for California brides, there is a way to save hundreds in taxes. When hiring a wedding photographer in California, you must pay sales tax on all the payment paid to the photographer if he/she delivers to you any type of tangible product; even if it’s only a thumb drive with the photos on it. wedding-photography-sales-tax

California Board of Equalization states:

“Sales of photographs and related items are treated the same as other products and are generally taxable unless a specific exemption or exclusion applies…. Portrait, wedding, and other noncommercial photography …taxable amount will generally include all of the following: • Charges for the physical product you transfer to your customer. • Any labor and services involved in producing or fabricating the photograph. • Any reproduction rights associated with the photograph.” Source: California BOE

Why you should get your wedding photos electronically

However when wedding photographers deliver all the images ONLY electronically and “do not include any physical product in the sale, tax does not apply.” Still “sales tax will apply if providing a copy of the electronically transferred photograph in any sort of tangible form such as a copy of the photograph on a CD, other storage mediums or a physical print.” (Source: Albeit Pg. 5) wedding-photogrpahy-california-sales-tax The tax exemption documentation of any “electronic transfer of a photograph” has to be created and obtained “so that you can show why tax does not apply to that transaction.” (Source: Albeit Pg. 5)

BrideBox will be launching a free & unique service that includes:

  1. Full electronic delivery of images in a way that ensures the integrity and documentation needed for the sales tax exemption
  2. Free storage and backup on Amazon cloud for 12 months
  3. Private web galleries for sharing your wedding images with guests
  4. Integrated online tools for creating and ordering professional prints & enlargements, canvas wraps and professional albums

This new platform is free for brides and photographers and contains no hidden fees and no forced upgrades. Save on sales tax and use this saving to create your professional wedding album with BrideBox at a half or less than the cost a professional photographer would charge you.

What do photographers think about BrideBox Wedding Albums?

“BrideBox is a fantastic option for our clients who are going with the a la carte option, but still want a family heirloom or keepsake and BrideBox does an incredible job for us” see testimonial.

How to join? Take advantage of this tax saving:

Ask you photographer to join BrideBox Free delivery platform by filling in this form. Or email us ( support at ) with your photographers details and we will contact them directly.

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California Brides: How To Save On Your Wedding Photography Tax
Article Name
California Brides: How To Save On Your Wedding Photography Tax
Calling all California brides! Learn how to save hundreds on your wedding photography tax by having your photographer use BrideBox Pro.

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