7 Charities to Consider for your Wedding


organic-bouquet-wedding-flowersOrganic Bouquet

Save your money and protect the environment with cost-efficient, Eco-friendly flowers like those from Organic Bouquet. With partners around the world, Organic Bouquet can offer fair trade flowers, help the farmers growing them and donate to carbon offset programs. It has helped save ecosystems throughout South America and has even provided an education for over 300 young girls in India who otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity.  Each bouquet represents a separate charity you would be donating to, with causes like Cancer Research, Autism and Children with Disabilities; the only thing more beautiful than the wedding bouquet itself.

Once you’re done with the bouquets, don’t let them go to waste. Most people forget how much little things, like flowers, can brighten up someone’s day. Donate your flowers to hospitals and nursing homes and help brighten up rooms for the sick and elderly; your flowers could help brighten up their lives!


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7 Charities to Consider for your Wedding
7 amazing charities that you can benefit with your wedding. From wedding dresses to wedding invitations, learn how to contribute to these wedding charities.
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