Creating My Wedding Album by Beth Webber

My husband and I were so happy and surprised when we opened up our package from BrideBox! Our album came in a beautiful box with a fabric sleeve and instructions on how to keep our album looking beautiful forever. The album itself is stunning! The pages lay completely flat which makes for a beautiful display. The pictures look very professional and the quality is great. Our name and wedding date are on the cover, looking quite elegant. We were so impressed!

making a wedding album

I am not the most computer savvy of women, but even I found it simple to make a gorgeous, professional album. It was fun to decide exactly what cover and layout we wanted to display our favorite photographs. There was also an option to design my own templates for each page, but I chose to use templates that had been pre-designed. Those more crafty or digitally savvy would likely enjoy choosing every detail of every page, but that part wasn’t for me. Even so, the process was simple and it turned out great. As a lovely bonus, there were people readily available to answer any questions that came up. The customer service here is great.

DIY wedding album

We decided to do a sort of timeline when creating our album beginning the morning of the wedding and ending with the final farewell. We started with getting ready photos and pictures of details from the venue. We had a page that highlighted our pre-wedding letter exchange as it was one of the best moments of the day. Looking at those pictures make me smile every time! The next pages were of the ceremony itself and turned out really great. We followed these spreads with the more formal portraits from our photographer and wrapped up the album with the upbeat and casual pictures from the reception. Flipping through the album takes us through our beautiful day and lets us relive the event with our friends and family. It is neat to watch the day pass page by page until the late hours.

professional quality wedding albums

creating album online

Everyone we have shown our album to absolutely loves it! I’ve put it back in its protective box to take it to work and to friends’ houses when they ask to see pictures. It is a really convenient way to show off our favorite photos and is so much better than just showing digital pictures. At home it looks great on the shelf or the coffee table. Over time I will probably keep it on our bookshelf to be able to pull out when nostalgia strikes. I am so glad we have this keepsake to celebrate our years together and to share with our future children. It will be great to have such a beautiful item to bring out on our anniversary year after year. For any couples looking for someone to depend on for a gorgeous album, you can’t do better than BrideBox!

Creating My Wedding Album by Beth Webber
Article Name
Creating My Wedding Album by Beth Webber
In her final post as a BrideBox Blogging Bride, Beth tells us how easy it was for her to design and create her BrideBox wedding album with the online tool.

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