The Digital Photography Revolution And The Creation Of BrideBox Albums

The digital revolution has changed everything in photography. It did not only bring about the demise of the 100 plus years iconic photo company Eastman Kodak, but it has changed almost any other aspect in photography and well beyond (Can you imagine Facebook and Pinterest without digital photography?) including  publishing, printing and more

Wedding photographers are obviously no exception.

Back then, the wedding photographer was the sole supplier of wedding photo products with the wedding album being the center piece. Practically, there was no other way about it for the customer and within photographers’ perspective. This also sat very well with the overall workflow of a wedding photographer. As in the US weddings typically happen over the weekend. It left the week days for product creation, marketing and administrations, and some none wedding (portrait) photography work.  This also made perfect sense financially for both parties. The photographer found a way to “sell” his down time (weekdays) and the brides received professional printed ( no other option existed) products otherwise not available in any other way.  In those days, typical wedding packages would cost around $3,000-$7,000 (inflation adjusted) and would include shooting services and printed products with the album being the centerpiece.


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All this has changed once digital became mainstream in 2003. “I remember participating in a major show for wedding photographers offering (first company in the industry) digital-press printed products (Photo books) most of photographers where shooting film and most of them were adamant that this will stay the case. Fast forward 10 years,  and now maybe a few percent  still shoot film; but digital images are pretty much the standard.” – Chanan Steinhart, DigiLabs CEO

As photo books became more popular, more and more brides had an eye on making their own wedding album, and though there is a significant difference between a photo book and a wedding album, brides have been consistent with the desire to design and create their own wedding album

In a recent BrideBox Study, we’ve learned that  30% of brides want a DIY wedding album, with saving money being the main reason.

The other big impediments for DIY wedding albums seem to be:

  1. Quality mainly retouching of the images, the finishing and materials used and the variety of options.
  2. Getting a professional design
  3. Simplicity

Thus,  BrideBox was started. After many years in the pro wedding photo market , and with unique technology and software  we have been able to answer these concerns:

  1. At we offer a full range of top professional album direct to brides, the variety include leather albums in more than 12 optional colors and styles, luster gloss or metallic paper options, photo cover options, cover engraving and album sizes up to 11×14 & 12×12
  2. Each Image within our DIY albums are manually color corrected, to ensure bright vibrant colors !
  3. BrideBox DIY  wedding albums can easily be created with free design software, full of wedding album templates , with a desktop and an online tools, almost every bride can create her DIY wedding album in less than an hour

The results are stunning and in the words of a few customers and professional reviews:

“BrideBox a creation service devoted entirely to DIY couples who want the look and feel of a high-end wedding album, without the hefty price tag. Skeptical? The BG editors were, too; that is until we reviewed a gorgeous sample firsthand. We were unable to differentiate the thick, glossy paper and sturdy binding from professional (much more costly) albums that we’ve seen” Bridal Guide Review

 Wedding Album

“My Anza flush mount just arrived this weekend and it really is a breathtaking product in terms of print quality. This is a high-end, luxury photo album – not a printed photo book” Photobook Girl Review

Read More Reviews By Our Customers – BrideBox Wedding Album Customer Reviews

And not only brides and professional reviewers are adopting the DIY wedding album concept  , but  professional photographers are as well:

“I have been a full-time photographer my entire adult life, we have really considered over the last couple years dropping albums and going digital only. Would be great if you had an affiliate program where photographers could post a link advertisement to your website…” – Professional  Photographer

The major changes digital has brought about is changing the wedding album landscape, more and more brides are going DIY wedding album, and with services like BrideBox its becoming, easy, cost effective and with no drop in quality

Create wedding album

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The Digital Photography Revolution And The Creation of BrideBox Albums
Article Name
The Digital Photography Revolution And The Creation of BrideBox Albums
Changes to the wedding photography industry have created a new opportunity for brides. Brides can take their digital wedding photos and create wedding albums.

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