7 Delicious DIY Bars for Your Reception or Party

Whether it’s for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding reception, these DIY bar ideas are the perfect way to add some creativity and fun to your festivity feasting! Not only will your guests get a kick out of creating their own delicious snack, but it will take the pressure off you having to get large servings of food together. These DIY bars are one of the latest trends in wedding planning, and we can easily see why. Unlike a thirst-quenching drink bar of your signature wedding cocktails, these 7 ideas will inspire your food frenzy.

A bagel bar

Who doesn’t love bagels? Perfect for brunch as a part of your bachelorette weekend festivities or an afternoon bridal shower, a bagel bar provides your guests with a delicious and filling snack. You can arrange your bar with delicious toppings like fruit, cream cheese, nutella, and lox for a complete DIY bar your guests will love.

diy bar

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A candy shop bar

Serving a candy shop-style bar is always a fun, playful idea to add some sweetness to any get together. You can easily serve candies that are the same colors in your wedding day palette to create a lovely display that compliments your wedding cake decor and any other treats you may serve. If you’re planning on having children attend your wedding, they will go nuts for this candy shop bar. For a unique twist, you can personalize your candy bar by adding you and your partner’s favorite childhood candies or ones that have a significance to your relationship. Everyone will love the feeling of having no limits to enjoy their share of candies, and it is certainly a budget-friendly wedding planning tip.

candy bar

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S’mores bar

Having a bachelorette weekend movie night or need a sweet snack for your wedding reception? A create-your-own s’mores bar is the way to go. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding during the summertime, a DIY s’mores bar is the perfect addition for your special night. Even if your wedding venue isn’t equipped with a fire pit, you can set up a some small flame burners to add some warm treats to your wedding. Guests will love sitting around the fire and socializing while they toast marshmallows and enjoy a warm, delicious, childhood-favorite snack. Not to mention, this DIY bar idea is simple, inexpensive and quick to assemble, so it will help to keep your wedding planning moving smoothly.

diy bar

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Make your own mimosa

No brunch is complete without some bubbly refreshments! Setting up a make-your-own mimosa bar is not only easy, but looks fabulous once you have all the juices poured and fruits sliced to garnish your drinks. A DIY mimosa bar is a perfect way to add some fun to your bachelorette party (a must-have for the morning after) or bridal shower brunch. You can add your own variety of fruit juices to accompany your bubbly and can make it extra fancy by adding fresh fruit. If you want to plan the ultimate bachelorette bash, set up this DIY bar alongside a waffle or pancake bar. Brunch is served!

brunch diy bar

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Hot chocolate and coffee bar

If you’d prefer to skip the alcohol and kick-start your day a different way, a coffee and tea or hot chocolate bar is the way to go! You can pretty much set up your own mini Starbucks by getting different flavored syrups and mix-ins to make your own caffeinated concoctions. This DIY bar is perfect for a sophisticated bridal shower brunch and essential for a morning of your bachelorette weekend. If you’re planning on getting catered food, a coffee bar is the perfect way to save some cash while wedding planning and provide your guests with warm, delicious refreshments.

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Pancake or waffle bar

What kind of brunch is complete without delicious waffles or pancakes? Let guests top their pancakes with whipped cream, fresh fruit, and plenty of maple syrup. If you want to opt for a DIY bar with a little more class, you can cook up some crepes instead of fluffy waffles.

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Ice cream sundae bar

For the ultimate sweet treat that’s great for a bridal shower or outdoor summer wedding, set up an ice cream sundae bar to keep your guests cool and satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. As an alternative to wedding cake, an ice cream sundae bar is the perfect dessert DIY bar that all your guests, especially the younger ones, will enjoy. Everyone will have a treat they love by creating an ice cream sundae that’s made to their liking if cake is not their treat of choice – because who doesn’t love ice cream? You can make the sundae bar as simple (chocolate sauce and sprinkles) or as decadent (we’re thinking crushed oreos and cheesecake bites) as you like! For something extra sweet, you can offer cookies and make a DIY ice cream sandwich bar.

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Creating a DIY bar to have at your party or reception is a simple, fun, and engaging way to keep your guests full and entertained. All of these ideas are simple, easy, and budget-friendly so you can find the perfect one for your event. The possibilities with DIY bars are truly endless, so get creative and have some fun with your feast treats!

7 Delicious DIY Bars for Your Reception or Party
Article Name
7 Delicious DIY Bars for Your Reception or Party
Perfect for your wedding reception or bridal shower, these DIY bars add a fun and creative twist to keeping your guests full and entertained.

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