3 DIY Wedding Projects For Your Wedding

Every wedding is unique to the couple, and every wedding should reflect the tastes of the bride and groom. Brides are increasingly making their wedding more personalized so that their true passions are reflected in the wedding ceremony and the reception. Here are a couple of Tips how to make your DIY Wedding Unique.

DIY Flowers

To create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, many brides create their own flower arrangements. This not only keeps the flower budget lower, it also allows the bride to create arrangements that no other wedding will have. Bowls of floating flowers are created by filling a beautiful bowl half full and laying a few large flowers on the surface. Use a glass or crystal bowl for the best effect, and cut away the flower stems. Another flower project is to create large centerpieces that will reflect your favorite colors, favorite flowers and the scale of your wedding. Large tables require wide arrangement in a short, sturdy vase. Small tables or narrow buffet lines may look better with one of two blossoms in a slim bud vase.
DIY Wedding Flowers
If you are using large centerpieces, consider filling a clear vase with goldfish or other freshwater fish and placing the flower arrangement on top. This creates a moving work of art that guests of every age will enjoy.

DIY Jewelry

The jewelry that the bride and wedding party wears should be pieces that are a reflection of the bride’s tastes. To create jewelry that is exactly what you envision, consider using large, ornate beads to create necklaces and bracelets. With breads, you can precisely match your wedding colors or simply choose the colors you like best.Bead jewelry is always in fashion, and it works with virtually any style dress. Make each piece the same to tie your wedding party’s look s together or choose special beads for each person. String them together with a clear plastic cord that will allow the string to stretch without breaking. Your chosen beads can also be used to decorate your veil or headpiece.

DIY Rice Substitutes

While throwing rice at the couple as they left the church was once the tradition, today the bride and groom can choose from among many things for guests to throw. If you want something unique for your wedding throws, consider putting together a custom herb sachet for your guests. To do this, choose a few fragrant, dried herbs and buy them in bulk. Then, mix them all together in a large container. Cut small circles of tulle. For each tulle circle, place a handful of the herbs into the center and tie the tulle closed with a thin ribbon. Make enough for each guest to take one.

DIY Wedding Ideas

Another wedding throw is something that isn’t thrown at all. Blowing bubbles at the couple as they leave is a charming new tradition that is easy to put together. Small bottles of bubbles are inexpensive and can be customized by adding a label around each that displays the name of the couple and the date of the wedding. Or, simply curl white ribbon around each and tie it around the center of the bottle.

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3 DIY Wedding Projects For Your Wedding
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3 DIY Wedding Projects For Your Wedding
3 Great DIY Wedding Projects. DIY Flowers, Jewelry and other great Do it yourself Ideas for the modern day Bride.

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