The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding – Statistics behind the Trend

In a market research study we have conducted in the past few months we found a few interesting trends per DIY wedding.

What is DIY wedding?

DIY in the wedding context was defined basically as performing a task or create some element which traditionally was done by a professional

How many plan to DIY wedding?

 diy wedding information The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding

Under these definitions about 80% of couples plan to DIY some or a few parts of their wedding.

Most Popular DIY elements:

Topping the list for DIY items where Print items and décor.

Printing items include things like save the dates, invitations, programs, place cards, menu cards, thank you notes, etc.  Some items are part of more than once category like guest sign-in books, they are printed items but they are also a photo item.

 diy wedding statsitics The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding

Source: The Wedding Report

Why DIY wedding?

Of course they could be more than one reason why couples DIY wedding, for example it can be a combination of saving money and design control, so we asked the brides for the primary reason for DIY wedding, about half had cost and money saving as the prime reason:


 why diy wedding statistics The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding


Photo Save The Date

One very popular DIY item is “save the date”, we asked about a photo version of a “save the date” item:

diy wedding stats save the date The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding

Almost 52% of couples planned to create by themselves a “photo save the date”, and the main reason (62%) was cost saving:

With the web being the main place for purchasing this item:

It is clear that DIY wedding is a growing trend, with cost rising and the economy still shaky, more and more couples find the DIY wedding a way to save on needed cash

For some DIY wedding tips and ideas check out Kat and Toms DIY Wedding 


Wedding Album DIY3 The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding

 The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding
Wedding Table Scape Photograph The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding
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The Numbers Behind The DIY Wedding
Did you know that 80% of brides plan to DIY one aspect of their wedding? The DIY wedding is becoming increasingly popular. View More DIY wedding Statistics

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