DIY Wedding Warrior Finale: The Reception

Kat and Nick’s reception was most expressive of the do-it-herselfer’s talent.

Paint chips: Place cards/ Table numbers / Wedding Art

I cut out little circles from paint swatches I’d collected over the years (there are perks to being a pack rat) and asked people to sign them with silver sharpie so I could make a piece of art after the wedding.

DIY Wedding Paint Swatches

DIY Wedding Art

I made some really simple table numbers, and Muscari Design used my antique teal glass collection and zinnias (my favorite!) for the centerpieces.

Wedding Dinning Room

Wedding Decor

DIY Wedding Guest Table

DIY Paint Chip Place Cards

Groom DIY Paint Chip Name Card

DIY Bride Paint Chip Name Card

Wedding Program

I also designed our program and had it printed on different colored card stock so I could make it like a fan, with the last page being a removable fill-in-the-blank sheet for our guests.  I still love to read through those.  People had the funniest predictions for our future.  🙂

DIY Wedding Programs

Wedding Cake & Topper

Simma’s made our amazingly delicious cake (alternating layers of bananas-chocolate and carrot-butter cream)

Amazing Wedding Cake

 Amazing Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Utensil

Lollipop Workshop personalized cake toppers made the adorable topper that looked like us(with out dog Murphy). She even made the dress look like mine, and made Nicks eyes two different color(which they actually are).

Wedding Cake Topper

DIY Wedding Favor Cards

Crazy Booth Photo Guests

Our photographers, Valo Photography, were wonderful, and they set up what they call a “crazy booth” in the corner of the room.  We ended up with some excellent pictures from that:

Kat and Nick Toman Wedding Photo

Bride and Groom Funny Faces

Funny Groom Wedding Photo

Funny Wedding Photo: Paint Chip Eyes

Funny Wedding Photos: Kid Photo

Funny Wedding Photos: 3 Monkeys

Funny Wedding Guest Pose

wedding photo

funny wedding photo

Thank you, Kat and Nick, for sharing your amazing wedding.

Bridebox Wedding Albums

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