DIY Wedding Warriors: Sustainable Love from Kat and Nick Toman

This week we are spotlighting a full DIY Wedding! Kat and Nick Toman of Milwaukee, Wis., had creativity not only inspired, but also sustainable. They enlisted the help of small and local businesses; re-purposed Kat’s wedding dress and recycled fabric for her wedding shoes; they even used living centerpieces. Most touching was how they incorporated loving messages from their friends and family as a theme throughout their wedding. There was no part of this wonderful wedding that didn’t get brushed by Kat and Nick’s personal touch and promote an abundance of love.

PART ONE: The Bridal Ensemble

The Wedding Dress

I wore my mother’s wedding dress from my parents’ wedding in 1973. Sue at Fitting Sewlutions did an amazing job. We had it altered a bit (removed the puffy sleeves; flipped the Nehru collar inside-out) and added a teal sash. Teal is my favorite color, and the main color of the wedding. The dress was incredibly comfortable, and I loved that it was a part of my parents’ marriage.

Mothers wedding dress

DIY Wedding Teal Sash from Bride

Wedding Shoes

I really wanted custom Chuck Taylor’s for the wedding, since they’re my favorite shoes, but my dad really wanted me to wear anything but sneakers.  We compromised: I wore flats for the ceremony and first dances, but then I switched into my Chucks.  I also got to wear them before the wedding because it was raining and they were more appropriate for walking through puddles.  I just added some orange and yellow ribbon for the laces to bring in all of my wedding colors.

DIY Wedding Chuck Taylors

Wedding Photos of DIY Shoes

Jewelry & Wedding Accessories

I customized all of my wedding accessories with the help of Katie at Cultivar. She beautifully and professionally put together my custom bridal hairpiece. We used a pin that belonged to my great Uncle Bernard (a favorite relative, who passed away many years ago) and custom bead work I did myself. Both of these items I used for my custom wedding jewelry.

DIY Custom Bridal Hair Piece

DIY Wedding Bridal Bag

DIY Wedding Jewelry

In addition to my jewelry, Cultivar also assembled my bouquet and my fancy shoe clips, which were made out of recycled fabric.

DIY Wedding Shoes

Flower Bouquet

I wanted to have a bouquet that I could keep forever.  At my shower, my friends and family wrote notes and drew pictures on 1-inch circles of Shrinky Dink plastic. My maid of honor and future sister-in-law painted the backs of these circles yellow, then we shrunk them down and glued them in the center of each handmade flower in the bouquet. I was able to read personal messages while walking down the aisle, reminding me to ‘Smile! Breathe! Kiss! Have fun!’ It was so cool to have a little piece of these loved ones with me as we said our vows.

DIY Wedding Flower Bouquet

DIY Wedding Flower Bouquet

Bridebox DIY Wedding Albums


wedding albums

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