7 Ways to Entertain Children at Weddings

Most families find it difficult attending weddings due to an inability to bring their kids along as well; and when children are brought, parents have the hardest time keeping them entertained. Weddings are hard for children given the festive atmosphere and the long hours. Children obviously want to shake, move, and celebrate the joyous occasion as well; yet they are expected to sit quietly for hours on end.  It’s important when planning your wedding to incorporate ideas for the children that will be attending as well.  Keeping the kids occupied and entertained also enables the parents and other guests to have a better time as well! BrideBox wedding albums recommends these 7 ways to entertain children at weddings; ensuring that both adult and child have the utmost of fun on your special day!



1. Take Them Outside

If you’ve rented a venue with a fairly large outdoor area, setting up activities for children would be the best way to keep them entertained. Older kids may enjoy playing basketball or soccer; while the younger children and toddlers might enjoy going on scavenger hunt, searching for specific items around the venue. If budgets permit, hiring a naturalist would also be an entertaining and educational experience for the children as they learn more about flowers, trees and insects around them.

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2. Keep Them Active

While adults appreciate the wedding ceremony, let’s be honest, it’s the most boring part of the event for any child.  After sitting through the ceremony, children are generally wriggling and squirming restlessly; help put some of this energy to rest by providing them with a playroom or sports area filled with fun games and activities. Table tennis, air hockey and bounce houses are perfect for entertaining kids of all ages during any reception!  



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3. Hire a Professional

If your guest having toddlers and infants, it might be a bit more difficult to find entertainment that appeals to all of your youthful guests; in these situations it’s best to hire entertainment. Clowns, magicians, face painters, artists and any other professional who’s trained at entertaining children, allow their parents and your other guests to better enjoy your wedding.



4. Give Them Crafts

Providing arts and crafts at your reception is one of the most effective ways of keeping children occupied and entertained. You can purchase crafts that are wedding themed as well; so that when they’re done creating their masterpieces you’ll have adorable everlasting keepsakes to add to your bridal memoirs! The most ideal situation would be to have a crafts area or designated table for children, so that they can work and play together. If the problem of babysitting or supervision is an issue, you can also provide craft items within children’s gift bags so that they can work on them while enjoying your event with their parents.



5. Show a Movie

Children tend to lack the ability to focus on almost anything except a movie; most children quickly get absorbed into almost any movie you put on.  Playing a movie in a smaller room at your reception can keep children occupied and entertained for hours; especially if you provide them with one of their favorite PIXAR movies. To further entertain your adorable guests, fill a portion of the room with popcorn, drinks and comfy chairs. Start the movie and watch how quickly entertained and settled the kids will become.



6. Give Them Cameras

A child’s perspective is always the most unique of perspectives and also greatly appreciated by all; you can easily use a child’s perspective as one of the most fun ways to remember your wedding. Give the children disposable cameras to use during the reception, collect them at the end to have them developed! A collection of pictures taken by children that show you the festivities from their standpoint is a great thing to incorporate amongst your professional photographs within your wedding album. If you don’t want to incorporate these shots with your professional photographs, create a photo book to be entertained by throughout the years to come with BrideBox’s Wedding Album software!


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7. Build a Kids’ Buffet

Kids love to eat; they’ll keep themselves busy with food if they are provided with a wide assortment of child-approved foods. Fill the table with some popular favorites, such as hot dogs, chips, candy and chocolate; melons, berries, and fruits are a great replacement for sweets if you’re planning a health conscious wedding! You can further entertain the kids present at your wedding by arranging the snacks and food in unique shapes; arranging them like animals, faces or pictures usually begets the most positive reactions! If you’d rather the children enjoy the cuisine that the rest of your guests are enjoying, or if you just don’t have the ability to create a separate table for them, give them some freedom to choose their own desserts after the meal. A dessert bar is a great addition to your wedding that greatly pleases any child; it allows them to design a sundae or build fondue towers with the other children!




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7 Ways to Entertain Children at Weddings
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7 Ways to Entertain Children at Weddings
Top 7 ways to keep children entertained at weddings while keeping them off your dance floor and out of their parents hair!

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