Fall Bridal Trends: Everything You Need To Know For 2013

With Fall comes responsibility; school begins for many and work deadlines quickly approach for others.  Most brides find it so hard to keep track of fashion trends in the bridal industry with all the other responsibilities one faces this time of year. We’re bring you an overview of this Fall’s hottest new bridal trends so you can keep your day job and still be a showstopper when the big day comes!



It’s only appropriate that we begin spotlighting fashion trends for brides; as all eyes will obviously be on her.

The renaissance or ballroom gown has made a large comeback in this year’s bridal fashion and is most ideal for those who are pursuing a fairy tale like wedding.  The ballroom bridal gown looks amazing on most body types and maintains a stunningly elegant look.

wedding dresses ballroom ballroom wedding gowns


Capped sleeves bridal gowns are taking fashion by storm; this style is perfect for those who want just a little something covering their shoulders and for those who may want to show a bit more modesty as they walk the aisle.

One shoulder and off the shoulder bridal gowns are huge this Fall; we see the biggest bridal designers like Vera Wang, Marchesa, Alberta Ferretti, Donna Karan, and many others repeatedly incorporating this style into their designs. The off the shoulder wedding gown is indeed the boldest of statements a bride can make when walking down the aisle.

 capped sleeve wedding gowns off shoulder wedding gown


one shoulder wedding dress


Recent bridal trends have opened the doors for brides to become more daring and sexy; the princess look while coveted, has recently taken the back burner to bolder and more sultry bridal looks.  Black accents on the gown, cowl backs, and illusions have exponentially grown in popularity; these styles portray the sassy yet classy trend that bridal fashion is currently all about.

wedding dress lace black accent illusion back wedding dress cowl back wedding dress black accents wedding dresses


Many brides have decided they’d rather skip all the maintenance and go for a more fun and flirty approach with their wedding gowns.  Today’s top bridal couture designers have heard and met your demands this fall by bringing you some of the hottest, short wedding gowns fashion has ever seen. With shorter gowns, brides can dance all night without having to worry about all the maintenance longer gowns come with and lets not forget how much we can do with SHOES now that people will actually see them.

 short wedding dress short wedding gown



One of the biggest and hottest bridal accessories for this fall are shawls and cover ups Shawls make an elegant statement while walking down the aisle; they provide a simple little something to your look that jewelry simply cannot compare to.

 shawl wedding dress shawl wedding gown



While everyone wants to look like Kim Kardashian on their wedding day, it’s important to remember that your dress is already going to make a huge statement.  Often times when brides wear too much makeup, it can clash or take away from the statement that the wedding dress is intended to make. The best way keep makeup simple yet noticeable is by doing a very light smokey eye and by wearing a bolder or brighter lipstick; lash extensions or using a good lengthening mascara is also a must. Remember less is more on your wedding day.

 bridal makeup wedding makeuphttp://indulgy.com/


Couture fashion isn’t the only thing with exciting new trends this fall; bouquets are making some big moves as well! Bouquet trends have migrated from tightly structured themes to more loose, full bouquets; use bigger fully bloomed flowers instead of a million smaller ones. Brides should use less green throughout their bouquets this fall and let the flowers do all the showing off instead.  The best way to show less green is by using long stemmed, slender flowers; these long stems are far more elegant, are very conducive to the loosely structured bouquets, and provide you with all the green you need.

The biggest flower for fall is the Peony; its lovely petal shape and full bloom makes it the perfect flower for fall. Peonies have been in high demand and are often time either sold out or overpriced; if this is the case, then a great replacement flower is the garden rose.  Garden roses bloom similarly to the peony and also have wider shaped petals as well.  Garden roses are a cost efficient, high quality replacement to the peony which can be very overpriced during the Fall season.

As far as color goes for flowers this Fall, try to incorporate a lot of plums, oranges, and pinks into your bouquet. These colors scream Fall and are fairly versatile; add a few browns, whites, and greens (remember very little!) to create the perfect wedding bouquet for this Fall.


wedding Peony Bouquet


garden rose bouquet weddings




Most people overlook fashion trends when it comes to the groom and his groomsmen; while most of the attention is on the bride, it’s important that the groom looks his very best as well!  There’s also less effort being made on the groom, figuring there’s not much you can do with a tux. This is false! This Fall, fashion has turned much of its focus towards the groom and all the little things that can be done to make a show stopping difference!]

A groom’s tuxedo can turn heads too; but you must migrate away from the status quo! Tuxedos DO NOT have to  be black; oftentimes its best when they’re not. Your tuxedo should emulate the theme of your wedding; so think, are you having an outdoor, tropical, or ballroom wedding? The venue alone can determine the direction you take; if you’re having a destination wedding or if your wedding is outdoors a tan tuxedo would be best. However if you’re having your wedding at night or in a ballroom, go for a charcoal or grey tuxedo; grey tuxedos maintain the sophistication of a black tuxedo and effortlessly make a bigger statement.

 grey groom suit tan grooms tuxedoboards.weddingbee.com

Accessories, accessories, accessories!! Accessories do much more for men than they do women during weddings; as a groom, your accessories WILL do more for you than your actual tux.  This Fall we’re seeing a significant usage of vests over cummerbunds. Vests are far more fun as they provide men with more fashionable options and photograph so much better. Keeping the color of your vest consistent with that of your tuxedo is all the rage for this Fall. If the groom wants to take off his jacket, keeping colors consistent will maintain his style and sophistication while allowing him to be more comfortable.

Fall fashion trends for men are also leaving the bow tie behind; pocket squares, kerchiefs, and longer colored ties are dominating men’s accessories. Uniquely patterned pocket squares or kerchiefs are the perfect statement maker; having them match the color themes of the wedding or that of the bridesmaid dresses is even better. Brightly colored, long ties have overthrown the reign of the bow tie; they make much more of a statement with the vests once the jackets come off. If you’re set on the bow tie, skip the vest and pair it with suspenders. Suspenders are a great addition to any tuxedo, on any man for Fall; they’re especially for the outdoor wedding.

  mens vests weddingssuspenders groom






groomsmen pocket squares

Finally, lets talk about socks. Socks are finally getting the recognition they deserve this Fall; moreover patterned socks are getting the recognition they deserve. Taper the pants from your tux or cuff them to show off your brightly colored, patterned socks and there’s no way your guests wouldn’t notice them! Remember there must be some consistency; so if your groomsmen are going to wear different colored socks makes sure the pattern is consistent and visa versa.


groomsmen socks



Bridesmaids will make or break photographs from your wedding; so its important that they too look breathtaking. The one shoulder dress is very popular this Fall and is always a showstopper; one shoulder dresses also look immaculate on every body type and height.

one shoulder bridesmaid gowns


It’s very important that your bridesmaids make a statement and the best way to do that is by using statement colors; these of course vary by season. The biggest statement colors for this Fall are navy, violet, greys, and taupes; not only do these colors mesh well with almost any color scheme but they also look amazing on all skin tones! The other color that most brides tend to fear is black; black is an amazing statement color that not only looks amazing on anyone but also makes your white wedding dress stand out more. Black is one of the hottest bridesmaid colors for this Fall so don’t shy away!

navy Bridesmaids Dresses blue


mismatched bridesmaid dresses


The best way to make your photographs amazing is by allowing your bridesmaids to be more unique in regards to their bridesmaid gowns.  If you’re having your bridesmaids wear the same color (one of the fabulous fall statement colors of course,) then allow them to choose their own dress style; mixing shorter and longer dresses is also very popular this Fall.

If you want to be even more daring; let your bridesmaids choose their own color dress as long as they keep it consistent with your color schemes. Different color bridesmaid dresses are very popular this fall and also look amazing in photographs. If you decide to let your bridesmaids choose their colors, then again make sure there is some consistency by keeping the style of their dresses exactly the same. (Note: this style works best when your bridesmaids all have similar body types; while still lovely, if some of your bridesmaids are taller or shorter than the others it might not produce the same effect!)

 mismatched bridesmaid dress black bridesmaid dresses500px.com/www.buydressau.com

Fun Prints:

Lately brides want to make things easier on their bridesmaids and guests and of course on themselves; as a result, people are easing up on how sophisticated a wedding should be and focusing more on the fun aspect.  One of the best ways to portray a fun wedding is by wearing fun outfits! Patterned and brightly printed bridesmaid dresses make weddings tons more fun; not to mention the photograph so well! Create a more vintage feel by putting your bridesmaids in a polka dot or floral dress paired with bright shoes (we love yellow) and have people swooning left and right! “Legging it” is also a must when wearing printed dresses; it adds to the fun and casual vibe that Fall fashion is in love with.

bridesmaid dresses vintage


polka dot dresses




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