First Thing to Know About Wedding Photographers

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As you begin planning for your wedding and booking your vendors, the photographer will be one of the first things on your checklist. You’re going to want to go in knowing what to expect and what’s out there. Learn more about wedding photography through our informative blogs here.

The revolution of digital photography has changed everything about what wedding photography once was. While most photographers have switched to digital cameras, many have not changed the packages they offer to digital-only. This has a huge effect on the consumers of wedding photography, from the pricing of the photos to the flexibility of how to use them. Today, when looking for photographers, the single thing more important than asking to see a photographer’s gallery is finding out if the photographer has digital-only packages.

Wedding Photographers

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Photographers on Digital-Only Files

Many photographers prefer not to supply and some don’t even offer the option of digital file-only packages. One photographer wrote a public letter to potential customers explaining why he does not offer these types of packages; and while we understand the importance of printed photography more than anyone, this photographer is fighting a losing battle. In this day and age, refusing to give customers a digital file is simply nonsensical. Everyone knows that we now live in a world that surrounds digital media and sharing. Chanan Steinhart, CEO of Digilabs, once said on the subject: “It reminds me of… one of the biggest photography shows… some 15 years ago when about half of the photographers swore ‘I will never use a digital camera’ and here came a laundry list of explanations. Of course, today only a handful of photographers do not use digital cameras.”

The same can be said about photographers who don’t offer digital files to their customers. It is unrealistic and unfitting to the desires and needs of their customers, who may want to share their wedding photos through more than just one channel and especially through more than just a wedding album. Some photographers offer digital files as part of a package with prints and/or albums, but the best option for customers is finding photographers who offer digital files only… and they’re out there!

Why you should find a photographer that offers digital files only

While the age of digital photography and media sharing on various platforms has changed the way photographers capture weddings, it has changed much more than that.

Once, photographers sold their talent and time through a product or package of products. However the market has changed and now photographers generally work on a “time based” model. Some photographers understand that clients care more about digital copies than packages and therefore must, for the sake of the client and themselves, change the way they charge for their services. The charge now goes to time spent on location and on editing and correcting.

So what does it mean for the customer that photographers charge for their time rather than product? It means that getting access to digital copies or their wedding photos and obtaining a wedding album just got a whole lot more affordable. Finding a photographer that sells digital only packages means that the customer—who often just paid an arm and a leg for their dream wedding—can pay for a digital file and rather than spending a lot more money on the time it takes for a photographer to create an album, can instead do it themselves. Creating a wedding album from home not only saves you a significant amount of money, it allows you to customize your album to look exactly how you want it. Using Bridebox Wedding Album services, brides can use the digital photos they obtained from their photographer and get a professional high-quality album printed at a fraction of the price paid to photographers for a less-customizable service.


Who Sells Digital Only Packages

While some photographers are still stuck believing that selling physical packages only is the best move, many photographers are switching over to the more modern model. We teamed up with the Wedding Report Inc., who specialize in market research in the wedding industry, to survey photographers and learned that more than 69% of professional photographers, whether expensive or cheap, admitted that they sell “digital only” packages, even if the option does not appear in their price list.

Paying for Digital Only, Getting a Wedding Album

As mentioned before, paying for a wedding album made by your wedding photographer means paying for the time it takes the photographer to sort through and select photos for your album. While these albums often turn out beautiful, it simply does not make sense for a couple to spend that expense when they could be getting the same or better quality photo albums that they design for so much less. Photographers that understand the enormous difference this makes for customers vouch for BrideBox as a great alternative for couples who want professional wedding albums without the cost.

Wedding albums are an essential memoir of your big day, but they shouldn’t cost you half of your wedding. Owning digital copies of your photos allows you to create a customizable and gorgeous wedding album at a cost-effective price for yourself and as a gift to family. Furthermore, having access to your digital files also allows you to add photos taken from friends and family at the wedding into your wedding album.

What To Know About Wedding Albums

It’s essential for every couple to understand the benefits and set backs of different wedding photography styles. When it comes to your photographer, you want to choose someone who you trust and click with, but you also want to invest in a package option that will be best for you in the long run. Many photographers today offer digital-only packages; hiring a wedding photographer that offers digital files only allows you to get the amazing high-quality photos that you want from your wedding, and a gorgeous professional wedding album for a fraction of the price you would otherwise pay.

First Thing to Know About Wedding Photographers
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First Thing to Know About Wedding Photographers

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