Getting Creative With Your BrideBox Wedding Album

To start your project, click on the Create New button from the work station launch menu. This will bring up the first page of the wizard in which you will specify your book type and dimensions.
We will use the previously discussed features of the workspace to explain how to create photo albums and photo books.

Page Layouts

You can select from any pre-existing page layout, edit an existing page layout, or create your own.

Working with Layouts


Page layouts provide many options for pre-made layouts of images and text. To add a page layout from the layout tray, simply click on the “Page Layouts” tab and then drag and drop your desired layout from the layout tray to the desired page on the book.

To replace a page layout, simply drag and drop your new desired layout onto the page and it will replace the current layout.

To remove the page layout, you will have to delete the image and text boxes. Do this by right clicking, going to “Edit”, and then selecting “Delete” or simply click on the photo and press the Backspace key on your keyboard. To clear the entire page, go to “Edit” on the task bar and select “Clear Page.”

Once you have applied a layout, you can move the images and text boxes around by clicking and dragging them around the page.

Saving Your Own Layouts





If you wish to save a page of your album or book as a page layout, just click on the page, then select menu “File”, then “Save Page as Layout”.

This layout will now be part of your available layout list, and you can apply it to any page.

Note that layouts are created by page orientation, meaning that square page layouts will only be available for square books, and similarly for portrait and landscape page layouts.


Page backgrounds give you the ability to add a background pattern to your page.

You can also use any image (or clip art) as a background. Simply drag the image to the page and select how to apply it.

The software comes with many pre-loaded backgrounds for your use. Simply click on the “Page Backgrounds” tab and then drag and drop your desired background from the background tray to the desired page on the book.


When applying the background you can:
Apply as “Single Page Background”– applies selected background only to page it is dropped on.
Apply as “Two Page Background”– applies selected background to both pages of the open book.
Apply as “Background Overlay”– applies selected background over the current background, adding the new background as a lighter pattern on top of the existing background.

To remove a page background, simply right click on the page, go to “Edit” and select “Remove Page Background”


Picture Borders allow you to add a border to the pictures in your book. Simply click on the “Picture Borders” tab and then drag and drop your desired border from the tray onto the picture. You can place several borders on top of each other by dropping another border on top of a picture which already has a border on it.

There are several different style options for borders: Line, Frames, Corners, Brushes and Ornaments. To change between the different styles, click on the drop down menu at the top of the border tray and select the desired style.

To remove a border, right click the image, go to “Edit” and select either “remove border” or “remove outer border.”

Clip Art

Clip Art allows you to add pre-made animations to your book. Simply click on the “Clip Art” tab and then drag and drop your desired clip art from the clip art tray into your desired location.

In dropping the clip art you can drop as:
-Single Page Background
-Two Page Background
-Background Overlay
-Add Picture applies selected clip art as a clip art on page.
-The clip art is assorted into several different themes such as Flowers, Holidays, Kids, Letters, Occasions, Ornaments, Travel and Vacation.

To remove a Clip Art animation, right click the image, go to “Edit” and select “remove shape”.


Book Templates

Book templates apply backgrounds and page layouts to your whole book or album. When first creating your project, you may select a template from the Wizard. If you wish to select a different template at any point during your editing process, head to the cover of your project, click on “Book Templates” and drag and drop the new template on the cover.
A window confirming your desire to make this change will require you to select “Apply Template” and will then automatically switch to a new template.


Editing Your Cover

When creating your book, you can edit the cover page the same way as any page in your project, using the easy drag and drop method. You can apply new templates and themes, add text using the text toolbar, or change your cover picture by selecting from the Image Tray.


Note that the cover is viewed as if the book is place open and face down. The right side page is the book front cover while the left side page is the book back cover. Between the front and the back you can find the spine of the album.

Online Sharing

You can share your album or photo book project online with friends and family without printing, or have others order a printed copy of your project for themselves following these steps:
Click on File, then Share Online menu command or click on the Share Online button on the task bar.


The shared book will be created and uploaded. You will be directed to a new window reacquiring you to fill in the title and description of your shared book as well as your e-mail address and the e-mail addresses you wish to share your project with. Separate the addresses with a comma (,).

You can fill in a job ID if you have one, this way your friends and family may order a copy of your album or book.

A link that allows access to the project will be e-mailed to the addresses. Opening the link will open the Internet browser where you, friends or family can view and order your creation.

You can view samples of shared book here and here

Article Name
Getting Creative With Your BrideBox Wedding Album
Learn more about what you could do to your wedding album to add creativity and originality to it! Add borders, backgrounds, clipart and more!

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