Why It’s a Great Idea to Go Green at Your Wedding

When we think about all the details of planning our wedding, we immediately think about color themes, cake flavors, and our bridesmaids dresses. We keep our budget in mind throughout the wedding planning process, but many brides hardly take the time to think about the costs of our wedding on the environment. Planning a green wedding is easy, enjoyable, saves you money, and will make you feel better about your day.

If being environmentally friendly is an important part of your lifestyle, or even if you just want to plan your wedding with Mother Earth in mind, figuring out how to make your wedding ‘green’ is a great idea. It doesn’t take much to find out how you can conserve responsibly while possible while having the perfect wedding. Here are some tips to help you plan your green wedding.

Why go green?

Green weddings will require a more thoughtful, creative planning process since you will need to think about ways to conserve that fit your wedding specifically. You will also need to do more research and brainstorm with your wedding planner. Although it sounds like more work, being involved with your wedding planning and taking charge will help you feel more involved in your wedding and dedicated to its success.


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Go green, save some green

As we all know, weddings can be very, very expensive. However, if you decide to go green on your big day, you will save money and cut costs on your wedding budget considerably. Planning a green wedding means that you focus on what is truly important, while cutting back on things that may be frivolous or unnecessary at your wedding. In addition, looking for ways to save resources also means having ways to save money (like how choosing to go without the paper labels each one of your wedding favor candies will save some trees and some cash).


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Simple & stress-free

Along with saving you lots of money, going green at your wedding will save you lots of stress. With a big wedding budget comes more stress and worrying about all the little fancy details. If you have a green wedding, you’re focusing on what truly matters and celebrating in a simple, sentimental way without all the frills and the fuss of being fancy.


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Rustic beauty

All weddings are beautiful in their own way. However, there’s something special in the simplistic, sincere style of a green wedding. With less decorations and details to catch their eye, guests will be focused on the amazing event that is celebrating the wonderful love you and your partner share. Furthermore, green weddings have the unique appeal of being connected to the earth through conservation; organic flowers, a wedding menu with local produce, and rustic eco-friendly decor give off a wonderful atmosphere that your guests will fall in love with. Green weddings are equally as much fun as regular, lavish ones, but even more admirable.


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Planning a green wedding may seem like it requires more thought and creativity, but the work is surely worth it. You can use as many or as few green wedding tips as you want because they each make a difference, no matter what. Taking these steps to reducing your carbon footprint and planning an environmentally conscious wedding helps you and your partner feel good about your big day (as if you didn’t feel wonderful already). You will feel more connected to your wedding planning process and more invested in the bigger effort of being eco-friendly that your wedding will contribute to! Your wedding will stand out as an event that made a difference in the lives of everyone in attendance as well as the community and the environment.


Why It's a Great Idea to Go Green at Your Wedding
Article Name
Why It's a Great Idea to Go Green at Your Wedding
Something borrowed, something... Green? Make your big day special by planning a green wedding that will be friendly to your budget and Mother Earth.

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