A Guide to City Hall Weddings

You’re recently engaged and now the stress of wedding planning begins. Well, what if the big wedding is just not your style? What if you’re really just hoping for something that is no-fuss, small, and budget friendly? A city hall wedding may be just what you’re looking for. There is just something so romantic about these weddings. With a lot of the budgetary stress, distraction and pressure that come with big weddings off of the plate, city hall weddings allow the couple to be the true center point. If this sounds right up your alley, here are some tips for organizing your big day:

city hall weddings

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Personalize Your Courthouse Wedding Day Look

With the more low-key setting, you can really have fun finding the perfect dress and accessories for your big day. Vintage, traditional, modern, lace, or even a hint of color – anything goes! You can go for a short, long, cocktail or tea length dress or channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and opt for the two piece suit. The best part about anything you choose is that you can wear it again – say for your anniversary! No matter what you choose dress wise, remember that your accessories, a flower bouquet, and a trendy hairstyle can really add to the whole ensemble. If you opt for a shorter dress, go for the fun shoe. If you’re heading for a more vintage route, we are absolutely loving the birdcage veil. The one accessory you don’t want to forget is a signature clutch. Not only will you be able to coordinate and add a pop of color that way, but you need it to store your valuables – especially your newly acquired wedding license! For grooms, we love unique socks and personalized tie clips that will hold a special meaning for the rest of your lives.

Look for City Hall Weddings

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Find the Perfect City Hall

Depending on what your looking for, city halls can offer a variety of picturesque options and awesome opportunities for creative wedding exits. They can range from a large immaculate statuesque structure to a small, quaint, barn-like building. Whatever the case may be, make sure you do your research for city halls around you that fit your mold. Once you’ve made the perfect decision give the office a call and scope out when then best time and day for your wedding would be. Not only will they give you advice on when to avoid, but they will also help you with scheduling your wedding – make sure you don’t forget this step! To be extra cautious, showing up early and checking in with the commissioner is highly recommended, you may not be able to get another time on the same day if you miss it. For your big day, don’t forget to bring your wedding license, photo ID, groom (and/or bride), rings, and witness (also with their photo ID).

Find the perfect city hall

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Get your Marriage License

Every state and country is different when it comes to your marriage license. Make sure that you do the research on what each place requires. Sometimes you are required to get your license days before you get married, others the day of. If you’re looking at a destination courthouse wedding, don’t forget to double check that that state or country accepts the marriage license that you have and that the time period hasn’t expired.

Get your marriage license

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Consider a Wedding Reception

With the actual ceremony only lasting about 15 minutes, continuing the celebration with your families and closest friends could be the perfect way to top off your day. You can head to a close by restaurant or host a potluck happy hour or brunch complete with a delicious DIY bar option at a nearby house.

Consider a Wedding Reception

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Make Your City Hall Wedding Last a Lifetime

When choosing a courthouse venue you get the benefit of planning a budget friendly wedding. With that being said, we want you to remember that this is such an amazing day focused on you and the love of your life and it should be memorialized for the rest of your life. Hiring a professional photographer to document the day will not be regretted. Most of these city halls are gorgeous and perfect for a photo op. They also are typically in the heart of the city where you can venture around the surrounding areas and find some amazing opportunities for stunning wedding pictures. Those photographs will be perfectly displayed in your wedding album for you to reminisce on for the rest of your lives. BrideBox offers professional wedding photo albums starting at $79, and professional flush mount albums at prices below $200.

Make Your City Hall Wedding Last a Lifetime

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For the non-traditional and traditional couples alike, city hall weddings are perfect for all. They are simple, budget friendly, yet elegant and intimate. Not to mention, we love how unique and fun couples get with their different styles and special touches! In planning your big day at city hall, this guide will have you prepared for it all!

A Guide to City Hall Weddings
Article Name
A Guide to City Hall Weddings
For the non-traditional couples, plan a budget-friendly, simple yet elegant and intimate ceremony with this guide to city hall weddings.

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