How to Be an Amazing Maid of Honor

It is an incredible honor to be asked to be the maid of honor at a wedding. With this honor, you will also receive a large helping of responsibility. You will have many duties to perform, and you will be one of the central figures in ensuring the success of the wedding. This can be a bit overwhelming when you first realize it, but there is no need to panic. You will be the perfect maid of honor if you follow this advice.

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Plan the Bachelorette Party

Unless the bride has asked that you not plan a bachelorette party, this will be one of your important duties. The bachelorette party is a lot of fun when you are having it, but planning it can be a bit of a nightmare. You have to work with a large list of the bride’s friends and family to find a date that works best for the majority of the group. This requires a lot of talking back and forth.

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It is best to start the planning for this as far in advance as possible so that you have time to work out everyone’s schedules. It would also be a good idea to host the bachelorette party as far in advance of the wedding as possible, and to avoid having it the night before the wedding. You don’t want the bride to be hungover on her wedding day.



You need to be very organized to be a good maid of honor. You have to make sure that all the bridesmaids are dressed right and ready to go when the ceremony is about to begin. You also have to help make sure that the bride has all the things she needs on the big day. This can be a bit overwhelming to keep track of everything. One of the best ways you can help yourself is to make lists and keep them in a notebook or binder so that you are able to access them easily. It will make it much harder to forget things when you have checklists of things that you need to remember.


Marshaling the Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids can either be your best friends or worst enemies when it comes to your role as maid of honor. You would be wise to ask them for help, which will make them your best friends. You don’t have to do everything yourself if you ask for help, and most bridesmaids will jump at the chance to help you.

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However, there are some ways that bridesmaids can ruin things. One of the most common ways this happens is by outshining the bride. The bride deserves to be the most beautiful woman at her ceremony. You need to make sure this happens by doing whatever you need to do to keep the bridesmaids from upstaging her.

Also, you need to keep an eye on the bridesmaids’ behavior. Be especially careful if some of them are a bit young and wild. Don’t let them get out of control with their alcohol consumption at the reception. You don’t want anyone causing a scene that ruins the bride’s memories of her big day.


Emergency Items

The day of the wedding will be very stressful for the bride. You need to bring an emergency kit to help avert any last-minute catastrophes. In this kit, you should include a needle and thread, a Tide pen to remove stains, gum or mints, a flask of the bride’s favorite alcohol (end of the night celebration), tissues and baby wipes. These items may be crucial to ensure that any last-minute issues don’t ruin the wedding.

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Also, you should pack a picnic basket of all the bride’s favorite comfort foods. This will be a lifesaver when the bride starts to find the stress of the moment overwhelming her. She will soon calm down when you hand her some of her favorites, such as chocolates, candy or chips.


Take Loads of Pictures

Sure, there will be lots of people taking pictures of the event, including a professional wedding photographer in most cases. However, in your role as maid of honor, you will be privy to many of the behind-the-scenes moments that won’t be captured unless you snap photos of them. The bride will be so happy later when she sees how many intimate moments you have captured for posterity.


Be the Rock

Your friend will find herself overwhelmed by the wedding planning at times. She will be sure to have at least one meltdown on the day of the wedding. You need to be the rock that is there for her throughout the process. Whenever she is flipping out, you need to be there to ease her fears and convince her that everything will turn out okay.

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Being maid of honor is a big job that carries with it a lot of responsibility. However, it will also be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. Be sure to take time to enjoy yourself. This is a special occasion in your life that you will want to remember forever.

How to Be an Amazing Maid of Honor
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How to Be an Amazing Maid of Honor
Being the maid of honor in any wedding can be a strenuous task; but whats the difference between a good maid of honor & an amazing maid of honor?

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