5 Key Tips For Designing Your BrideBox Wedding Album

You’ve officially decided to design and create your own wedding album instead of relying on your photographer to do it for you. After all, you’re the one who will be enjoying it for years to come, so why shouldn’t you be the one to choose the photos and layout? Plus, your story is unique and personal, and although some photographers are quite skilled at album designing, they simply don’t know your fairytale the way you do. Before you start tackling this project, it’s important to understand that something as precious and treasured as your wedding album will take time to complete. The time you dedicate to such an endeavor will make the final product even more rewarding, growing in value and significance as years go by. When you’re ready to get started, here are 5 key tips for designing your BrideBox wedding album.

1. Organize Your Photos

Your wedding photographer most likely gave you hundreds of beautiful photos, with several moments and situations well-documented in plenty of different angles and shots. Before you get started uploading photos for your album, set aside a time to go through and organize your wedding pictures to find the ones that you would potentially want to have in your album. By sifting through all the images beforehand and narrowing it down to a smaller set, creating your album will be a much easier process. You’ll also have an idea of which images are your favorites, which are the must-haves and a general order they should appear in.

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2. Tell Your Story

As you flip through your wedding album, the pictures should tell a story. You should be able to follow the timeline of events as they unfolded throughout your wedding day. Start with detail shots, such as your wedding invitation and rings, followed by getting ready photos. Continue with venue shots, ceremony shots, group photos with your families and wedding party, the reception and the grand exit. Of course every couple will receive a different set of images based on their unique weddings, but these are typically included in every wedding photo set. You want your wedding album to paint the picture of how your day looked and felt, so choose the images that capture memorable moments and special details as well as the must-haves, such as the first kiss, exchanging of rings, posed formals and toasts.

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3. Diversify Your Spreads

BrideBox offers plenty of different templates and layouts that will beautifully showcase the story of your wedding day. It’s easy to want to use the same layouts over and over again, but the best wedding albums will have a variety of spreads to bring the focus to the most important images. Play around with different backgrounds and use white and dark space to your advantage. Feature your favorite photos with single-page spreads, two-page spreads or collages. Add a good mix of black and white photos and colorful photos. Each spread should have its own theme or showcase one event (like the exchanging of your vows, or your first dance). The way you bring emphasis to individual images and pages can really create different tones, whether it’s dramatic, exciting, playful or serious.

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4. Less Is More

When it comes to your wedding album, sometimes less is more. We know that your photographer gave you hundreds of stunning images, all of which deserve to be shown off in your beautiful wedding photo album, but cramming too many photos into a page or the whole album takes away from the entire experience. You want your wedding album to be tasteful, timeless and elegant, and featuring just a select number of excellent photos will really make your memories stand out as you relive your special day over and over again. When reviewing your album, ask yourself: can you remove any of the photos without losing a part of your story? Can you add anything without it seeming repetitive? If the answer to both of these questions is no, then your album and story are complete.

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5. Choose Your Favorites

Classic and must have moments should be included, but don’t be afraid to choose your favorite photos as well. Major moments and events tell the story of your wedding day, but the photos that you see and instantly fall in love with are the ones that will make you smile and reminisce fondly upon your special day. Even if these images aren’t of traditional moments, like the first kiss or cake cutting, your favorite pictures are the ones that you will want to see time and time again. Find a place for them within your album’s story, or create a collage of all of your favorites to include on its own spread.

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Telling the story of your wedding day via a gorgeous, photographer-quality wedding album has never been easier. BrideBox’s free online album design tool allows you to simply drag and drop your images where you want them in our beautifully designed templates. We hope these tips will help guide you in the right direction as you begin to create a family heirloom that will share your story exactly the way you remember it.

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5 Key Tips For Designing Your BrideBox Wedding Album
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5 Key Tips For Designing Your BrideBox Wedding Album
Ready to create your very own wedding album? Tell the story of your fairytale wedding day with these 5 helpful tips for designing your own wedding album.

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