How to Ensure You Are Happy With Your Wedding Photography

Photography is one of the biggest-ticket items in a wedding. In 2010, an average wedding budget was around $27,000 and the top three ticket items were the venue/catering which cost about $11,500, Jewelry which cost about $3000 on average and lasttly, wedding photography which cost about 3,100 on average. Photographs last practically forever, well after the flowers and decoration  have been thrown away and the entertainment  has been forgotten.

For this reason it should also be of no surprise that unhappy couples and bitter feelings, when it comes to the wedding photos, do not go away so fast. And here is one example:

 “Can I sue a wedding photographer who did a lousy job?

“Hi All! This disappointing event happened many years ago when we hired a wedding photographer for our wedding. Even though many years have passed, I still feel we were treated unfairly by the photographer

But the goal of course isn’t to sue the wedding photographer, but rather insuring all parties are happy with the outcome. Furthermore, in most cases good preparations, setting expectations and clear communications will insure not only a better outcome; but also a happy win-win relationship, which after all is what you and the photographer want to achieve.

As for the most a wedding isn’t something most couples practice on a regular bases here are some aggregated suggestions and idea to think about, these ideas can prevent misunderstandings, improve communications and help to insure that your memories of this special day will be exactly as you imagine and want them to be.

Wedding Photography

Selecting the right photographer for you- this is a topic for a separate blog: so we will not repeat all of it here , but remember this:

There are tens of thousands of wedding photographers in the US and they differ by many factors, including, shooting style, output delivered, personality, gender, age, languages, location, cost, and many more factors, there is no necessarily right or wrong. But making sure there is a good match is a very important base to build on.

Wedding Photography

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How to Ensure You Are Happy With Your Wedding Photography
Article Name
How to Ensure You Are Happy With Your Wedding Photography
How do you ensure that your wedding photography comes out perfect on your big day? Learn how to get the most out of your wedding photography here!

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    Berkshire Wedding Photography – Wow, I just came across your site ad blog and I tlaotly love your work. Take this shoot for example. The backlit dress photos, the playful photo in the black cap, the great telephoto photojournalist work and the action-filled slow sync shutter dancing shots are but a small fraction of the images I loved. The bride and groom must have been delighted!Keep up the good workLuben Berkshire Wedding PhotographyMay 25, 2011 7:44 pm