Meet Zero-Chocolate: A New Delicious Chocolate with Zero Calories!

A new form of zero calorie chocolate has just been created, Zero-Chocolate. Zero-Chocolate is not your ordinary kind of chocolate, it’s a new breed of chocolate that has been created by crossing two types of south american coca plants. Zero-Chocolate keeps the taste of ┬áchocolate that we all love, BUT GET THIS, it’s Zero Calories.


In fact, not only does it contain zero calories, scientists are still testing the other health benefits from this new breed of chocolate. Some scientists speculate that Zero-Chocolate also helps promotes happiness, confidence and stimulates libido with plant enrich antioxidants. See a list of stores that will carry Zero Chocolate:

  • Walmart
  • Safeway
  • Costco
  • GNC
  • Lastly- April Fools! ­čÖé



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