Plan Your Wedding With Pinterest

Plan Wedding With Pinterest

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard where you can collect your favorite images and ideas from around the web.

Why should I use it? Pinterest boards allow you to display all your good ideas in one place: bookmark good ideas and products, then organize them by themes. This allows you to visually compare products, colors, and ideas side-by-side. It is an invaluable tool for weddings.

Plan your Wedding with Pinterest

How can I use Pinterest to organize my wedding? You can create as many boards as you are inspired to make. This means, one project or idea board can be curated for each specific aspect of your wedding – flowers, wedding dresses, jewelry, wedding albums, venues & décor, grooms outfits, cute wedding ideas, inspirational love imagery, even sayings and vows…the list is infinite. You can create each board to be as broad or specific as you might need. For example, instead of just posting wedding flowers, you can create additional boards to expand this theme: bouquet ideas; flowers for the ceremony; centerpieces for the reception; and more.

These guidelines will help you get the most out of Pinterest when organizing your wedding.


Because each board represents a ‘theme’ you can create a board for each facet of your wedding. Our BrideBox Pinterest boards are organized this way for wedding inspiration, by flowers, venue, wedding dresses, hair/makeup, jewelry, shoes, bridesmaids, groom & groomsmen, venue and weddingscapes, and more.

Comparison shopping

Because you can do the research and the comparison shopping all in one place, using Pinterest for your wedding planning maximizes the use of your time. You can revisit your bookmarked pins as a starting point for your internet research, and as a basis of comparison for pricing.

Decision making

This is the place to test out any ideas that have been stirring. For instance, we have boards for ‘Something Blue’ and ‘Themed Weddings’. The content of these boards varies, but it is stunning to see different interpretations on the same idea represented side-by-side.

Sharing wedding ideas and plans

One of the best aspects of Pinterest is its sharing capabilities. It can tap into your email contacts, Facebook and Twitter accounts, to allow you to share and view boards with your social networks. This is perfect for intercepting suggestions from your loved ones without losing it in your email stack.

DIY Idea

Most valuably, you can share these ideas with your vendors and planners. They will thank you for the concrete examples, and for expressing a clear vision for your wedding. A picture is worth a thousand words when describing what you want to your wedding vendors.

There is only one downside to Pinterest we should warn about: it is highly addicting! Once you start sharing and repining, you’ll see your projects in a whole new light. Tasks will suddenly become board themes and photos will cry out for quippy captions. Just be sure to share!


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Plan Your DIY Wedding With Pinterest
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Plan Your DIY Wedding With Pinterest
Learn how to plan your DIY wedding with pinterest. Find interesting ways to give your DIY wedding extra flare by using pinterest to plan your wedding

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