Pre-Wedding Day Talk by Amber Normand

The BIG DAY is almost here! It’s so exciting to think that in less than three weeks I will be married to my best friend, soul mate and the one who God has chosen for me to spend the rest of my life with. Where have the past fifteen months gone? All of the planning is drawing near and it’s really about to happen! I daydream about the very moment that I become a wife.

Everything has finally come together exactly as I’d hoped it would, minus a few planning bumps in the road. Our vendors are booked; attendants have gotten everything together. Now, we just wait! With work, finalizing last minute DIY projects and dreams about everything going wrong, I have, at times, been all over the place. I’m so ready for the day to be here, though, that I am becoming impatient. I am proud of myself for not becoming too much of a bridezilla. Besides having my best friend of thirteen years who was supposed to be my maid of honor, drop out of our wedding (crazy, I know), I have been ok.

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Last month, my fiancés youngest and middle sisters and their spouses hosted a luau couple’s shower for us. This was such a fun way for us to get together and celebrate a night of food, drinks and fun with our friends. We received some great gifts for our home and were so very thankful and blessed. The weekend after our luau, my Godmother threw my bridal shower, which was such an amazing day. It was held at my fiancé’s Church hall and was small, quaint and perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. Family and friends were there for support and to celebrate with me. I was so excited to see family that I haven’t seen in a really long time. We once again received some wonderful gifts for our home.

Life has been so crazy and I know that with time things will get back to normal. We have both taken a few days off of work after we return from our honeymoon; so that we can semi get things back in order. It excites me to finally be a wife. I often reflect on when I met my fiancé for the first time, our first date, him saying I love you for the first time, and all of the wonderful times that we have shared, it makes my heart flutter. I know that he is THE ONE and I knew it from early on. He has changed me for the better. Each day, he makes me strive to be the best me that I can be. I couldn’t imagine anyone else seeing me at the worst of times, with no makeup on and when I’m an emotional rollercoaster. Even on those days, he looks at me the same way that he always does; with love. I love him so much that some days I think my heart will burst. To marry him is the ultimate blessing.

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As I count down the next two weeks (and a few days), I will continue to pray and thank God for this wonderful blessing; for bringing two souls and families together. I will also continue to pray that no matter what ever happens, that we will always stand by each other; through sickness and in health, til death do us part. I couldn’t imagine my life any different and I don’t want to try to. My heart is flooded with happiness and joy. I’m about to marry my best friend!

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Pre-Wedding Day Talk by Amber Normand
Article Name
Pre-Wedding Day Talk by Amber Normand
Amber Normand reflects on the journey that has taken her to her wedding day and expresses how grateful she is to have met the love of her life.

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