Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet Forever With Reenie Rose

What do you really save from a wedding when the big day is all over? The top of a wedding cake to be frozen and eaten a year later (never as tasty as it was that day), a wedding dress for future offspring to wear one day which is pretty unlikely to happen, an amazing wedding album from BrideBox (well, that’s just a definite)

There aren’t many keepsakes to view day in and day out as a reminder of a wedding without looking like a tacky shrine. The one that always gets me is the dead, dried out bouquet under a glass dome. These flowers that have been agonized over for their color and style are now a dust collector. What if you could keep your flowers as they were on your wedding day and have them displayed on a daily basis with tactful care and artistry? Would you toss the bouquet?

dried flower bouquet

wedding bouquet










When my friend approached me a few years ago about creating a painting as a wedding gift to her niece, the bride’s bouquet was the perfect subject matter for such a piece. After stepping back from the completed painting, it was quickly realized that this modern approach to bouquet preservation is something that all bride’s should consider as a wedding keepsake. Consequently, Reenie Rose was created to provide a timeless oil painting on canvas of a bride’s bouquet.

Having a custom painting created is quite a simple process whether the wedding is in the near future or has passed since I work from high resolution digital images. I am in touch with both the florist and the photographer to either take my own photos or receive images from the professionals. From these images I compile several different compositions based on the painting size for the client to choose from. Once a composition is chosen, a painting generally takes 3-8 weeks to complete and anywhere from 35-65 hours of painting time. I have a lovely video that fully illustrates my process along with the time and effort that goes into each piece.

Wedding Preservation

In the arena of gift-giving, my paintings have been given for anniversaries, weddings, holidays and birthdays by grooms, parents, friends, family, bridesmaids, etc, all looking to give something sentimental and unique. I often encourage a painting as a group gift amongst family or friends to actually bring more meaning into the gift. Imagine the tradition of presenting a family painting each time a member gets married or celebrates a milestone anniversary! I love it! It’s easier now than ever to accomplish this on the newly updated Reenie Rose website where a registry option is available. Choose your painting size and encourage everyone to be a part of a family heirloom

wedding flower bouquet

With engagement season rolling out into planning season, be sure to ask yourself, “how am I going to preserve my bouquet?” Will it be dusty dried flowers or a timeless piece of art to remember a wedding day by? I say “Toss the bouquet!”

wedding flowerswedding bouquet












Loreen Hospodar is a practicing artist living and working in Chicago that specializes in preserving bridal bouquets via her luscious oil paintings.

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Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet Forever With Reenie Rose
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Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet Forever With Reenie Rose
Preserve your wedding flower bouquet with Reenie Rose Oil Paintings. Have your wedding bouquet last a lifetime through Reenie Rose

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