What Photographers Think About BrideBox Wedding Albums

Professional wedding photographers pride themselves on creating timeless, beautiful images that bring joy to their customers. These images tell the story of each couple’s wedding day, one of the happiest days of their lives. Wedding photographers have spent years fine-tuning and honing their craft, enabling them to provide such gorgeous images for their clients. Wedding albums are the best way to showcase these stunning images, and professional photographers are not necessarily professional album designers. In addition to having to know how to design an album, photographers have to dedicate hours upon hours of their time after the wedding to collaborate with the bride to ensure that they create an album that she loves. This can quickly become tiresome and tedious for the photographer, whose true skill and talent lies in the actual photography itself. BrideBox Wedding Albums provides a mutually beneficial solution for both photographers and brides with an innovative Design It Yourself tool that allows brides to take their photographer’s beautiful photos and design and create their very own professional-quality wedding album at a fraction of the cost. The photographers save countless hours per client and the brides get to truly personalize their albums with their own vision.

We had the pleasure to interview one of the best San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographers, Denise Birdsong, of Modern Love Photography at the Great Bridal Expo to get her take on BrideBox wedding albums.

Bay Area Photographer Denise Birdsong

Video Transcript

Denise Birdsong from Modern Love Photography:

“You know, I think BrideBox is an incredible option for photographers, such as Modern Love Photography. We feel that any client that is moved by our work should be able shoot with us. We have collections ranging anywhere between $2500 for a la carte services, all the way up to $7800 for our top collections. Some of these collections include wedding albums because our clients like us to make albums for them, but many of our clients cannot necessarily afford those collections or those prices. And quite frankly what we excel at is taking beautiful pictures, creating albums is secondary. And so BrideBox is a fantastic option for our clients who cannot invest or decided not or is going with the a la carte option, but still want a family heirloom or keepsake and BrideBox does an incredible job for us.”

What Photographers Think About BrideBox Wedding Albums
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What Photographers Think About BrideBox Wedding Albums
An interview with Photographer, Denise Birdsong, of Modern Love Photography about BrideBox wedding albums. How can photographers use BrideBox? Learn more

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