One Regret That Costs Brides Their Wedding Memories

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As brides look back on their weddings, there is one regret that is consistently brought up: losing their most loved wedding memories by not thinking ahead on how to preserve them for years to come.

Imagine a couple of years down the road, when your kids are sitting around the dinner table asking about your wedding day and you have nothing to show them. Your computer crashed two years after your ceremony and you lost all of your files, or maybe they are just lost in a sea of digital files somewhere. Luckily, that hasn’t happened to you yet and there is a fantastic solution that brides absolutely love for preserving the memories from one of the most important days of their lives, a printed wedding album. A wedding album gives you a wedding keepsake for the rest of your life that you and your guests will absolutely love looking at. Whether you’re planning a wedding or already married, here’s some insight into wedding albums so you can decide what the best option is for you!

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What is a wedding album?

Not just a place where your wedding photos go, it’s a family heirloom for your wedding memories. It is high quality and very durable so it can be shared with future generations. Three things you must know about wedding albums:

  1. Quality – They are made specifically for advanced photography. The pages themselves are thicker, glossier, and better quality, allowing for your wedding pictures to display their true beauty!
  2. Durability – Not just the pages are durable, the entire album is. From the binding to the cover, the pages to the printing process, no detail is left uncovered. Since they are such high quality, they are known to be an awesome family heirloom as they can be preserved through multiple lifetimes!
  3. Covers, Mounting, Binding Options – The options are endless. Leather, faux leather, metal or even a picture cover can grace the front of your album. The way the pages are mounted is designed for use and for your guests to enjoy. They are extremely flexible and the binding is focused on not cutting off even a millimeter of any of your pictures.

Beware that there is, in fact, a difference between a wedding album and a wedding photo book! Be sure to know which one suits you best.


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When should I start thinking about my album?

The earlier the better! The same time you are looking to book a photographer should be the same time you’re considering what you’re looking for in an album. Most brides are starting to look for their photographers around the time they’re booking their engagement photo shoot. If you’re having a longer engagement, this will be at the 7-9 month mark. If you’re having a shorter engagement, your time period will be about 4-6 months out.

Your photographer will offer you a couple of packages, some of which might include an option for a wedding album. There are definitely some photographers that are only digital based, so that’s when you’d have to look into other options as well. Good news, though, if you plan ahead, choosing a DIY album could actually end up saving you thousands of dollars!

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Should I get a wedding album from my photographer?

It totally depends on what you want. Are you on a strict timeline or are you ok with not getting your album for months after your wedding? Are you planning on getting albums for your parents as a simple and emotional way to say thank you? Do you want creative control of your layout? These are all questions to consider.

If you’re looking for a hands-off approach, buying direct from a photographer is definitely the easiest option. They will do all of the heaving lifting and design work so you won’t have to worry about that. However, do consider that although it will save you time, it is the most expensive option. You won’t have control over the creative process and what you have in mind for your wedding album may not pan out. Also, be wary that this may also mean that your photographs will take months or even longer to actually get to you!

If you’re focused on creative control, timeline, and being budget-friendly, creating your own album through a website is your best option! This will allow you to have full reign over what you are getting, when you are getting it, and how many you want!

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What’s the best place to get a wedding album?

BrideBox Wedding Albums  is an incredible option for couples who are looking for the same quality in albums that photographers offer yet at a discounted price. They offer the customized options, the shorter turnaround time and creative control that we talked about above.

As mentioned, going straight through the photographer is the best option for couples who don’t want to spend any time designing their albums.

If albums aren’t for you, check out Mixbook. They offer a great basic photo book that will display your images in great resolution, yet will not offer a long-lasting quality to allow it to be an heirloom or keepsake.

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Now that you know the in’s and out’s of what a wedding album is and where you should get one, it is up to you to decide your preferences! Your big day is around the corner and you’re on top of everything you need, and now wedding albums is a part of your list as well! If you’re reading this and you’re already married, don’t worry! You still have the option of ordering your wedding album and/or parent albums through an online site like BrideBox. Now, stop procrastinating, and get to designing! We can’t wait to see how beautiful your pictures turn out in your wedding album!

One Regret That Costs Brides Their Wedding Memories
Article Name
One Regret That Costs Brides Their Wedding Memories
Find out what brides are saying they regret skipping over. For some brides, it even cost them all of their wedding memories!

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