Share Your Wedding Album with Friends And Family

BrideBox has released a new sharing feature on the online wedding album tool. Now, friends and family can view the BrideBox wedding album that you created.

Once your album is completed, click the Share Button, to the left of the Order Album Button. Then select how you would like to share your wedding album.

share-your-wedding-album-online(Click To Enlarge Image)


Share with your friends and family through Facebook. The share feature takes the name of your album and places in Bold below your post. Then write a caption, ie- “Our Wedding Album” and click Share Link

share-wedding-album-on-facebook(Click To Enlarge Image)

You can also share your album with friends and family via email. The email will contain a link directly to your personal wedding album, so they may relive your special day.

share-wedding-album-email(Click To Enlarge Image)

The end result is an interactive wedding album that friends and family can flip through. The top of the album will have the album title along with the name of person who created it. Flip through the album page by page by using the arrows. To skip to the front and back cover, click the “Front Cover or Back Cover arrows.” They will take you directly to the back portion of the wedding album.



Share Your Wedding Album with Friends And Family
Article Name
Share Your Wedding Album with Friends And Family
BrideBox releases a new sharing feature on their online wedding album app. Share your wedding albums with friends and family through facebook and email.

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