SnapKnot Review: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

A photographer is a very important part of your wedding celebration; they will be the one to capture all those special moments that you will remember forever. SnapKnot can help you save time and stay on budget to find that perfect photographer for your special day! This SnapKnot review will tell you all about what the site offers and how our services will help you find the one who will capture all those very special memories!

Where is the best place to search for a wedding photographer?

SnapKnot is an awesome place to start. You can find photographers all over the world on one comprehensive site. You can also view wedding photography from all of our photographer members as inspiration to get ideas for your engagement photos, ceremony, reception as well as trash-the-dress sessions and other fun ideas that you may be interested in trying!

Of course you can also check on search engines such as Google or even talk with friends and family to see if they recommend anyone who they may have used in the past, but it might take a bit longer to compare them all and make sure they’re within your budget.

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What factors should you consider when looking for a wedding photographer?

Location is one of the first factors to consider when looking for your perfect photographer. You do not want to fall in love immediately with someone who is not able to travel to your city or specific location for your wedding ceremony.

Experience is another factor to consider. Do you want a photographer who has been in the business for years and has photographed hundreds of weddings or would you prefer someone who is newer in their photography business who many only have a year or two of experience under their belt? Keep in mind, that does not mean they are inexperienced.

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Their photographic style is also important. Do you want your photos to be more traditional with photos being planned out and set throughout your wedding day? Or would you prefer them to be more photojournalistic where the planning is a bit more informal and the photos come more naturally rather than them all being posed? You may also be interested in a documentary style approach or something much more artistic. Any way, you need to make sure the photographer that you choose takes the style of photographs that you want. Ask them for samples of their work to determine what best works for you.


How do I compare all the factors to find the right wedding photographer for me?

SnapKnot does just that! It’s free to enter in your budget and location and search thousands of photographers on the site. Or, if you want to save time, you can include your wedding date, location, etc. and SnapKnot will then match you with the amount of photographers of your choice that match the criteria you are looking for. How easy is that?

Once you are matched, you can check out each matched photographer’s profile, look through their photographs and many offer price and package options for download right from their profile. You can easily correspond with the photographers you choose to get more information or to set up an in-person meeting if you so choose. Each photographer’s profile page offers details such as their location, a portfolio of their work, their photography style, why they got into the business, how long they have been a photographer as well as all of the different cities throughout the country (or world) that they work in. They also include links to their social media sites, personal website, price range and various products they offer. Some even include a document that you can download that offers their different wedding packages. The “Contact Me” button on the profile makes sending that photographer a personal message just one click away.

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After looking on SnapKnot for a photographer, what questions should I ask each one?

  1. Do you have my wedding date available? This is the most important question. You do not want to totally fall in love with a photographer who in the end is already booked on your wedding day!
  2. What is the cost? Cost is typically one of the main factors in choosing a wedding photographer. The average cost of a wedding photographer in the USA is $2,700. But it varies depending on your location. Are they really expensive or are their services cheaper than everyone else’s? If you have questions like those, do not be afraid to ask the specific photographer. They typically have a good reason for their cost. Many factors come into play when it comes to cost. Do they own a studio or work from their own home? Do they typically bring along an assistant with them to help capture every photo or do they work on their own? Read this past post on the SnapKnot blog that gives more details on what makes a cheap wedding photographer versus a more expensive one. Also, be sure to ask if they add mileage to the cost or if travel expenses are included in the original price.
  3. What is your photography style? Like we discussed before there are different styles to wedding photography. Would you like more contemporary or traditional? Do you want your photos to be very artistic or in a documentary style?
  4. Are you the actual photographer that will shoot my wedding? If it is a larger company, this is a great question to ask. You do not want to arrive on your wedding day, and find out that the main photographer you love and have been talking to has sent someone else to shoot your wedding.
  5. How do you typically work? Does the photographer like to blend into the background and capture photos as they unfold naturally or does this particular photographer enjoy planning out and choreographing different shots.
  6. Can I provide a list of specific shots I would like to get? This is a good question as every bride and groom has specific photos they want to capture. Asking this upfront makes the photographer aware and also shows you how easy going they are to work with.
  7. Can you provide references from other weddings? You may or may not want to see what others have to say about this photographer, but you are always able to ask!
  8. How many hours will you be available on my wedding day? Make sure you know this upfront… you do not want to have a plan to take photos with your bridesmaids getting ready if that time is not included in the photographers price or hours.
  9. What is your refund or cancellation policy? In the horrible event that the wedding needs to be postponed or cancelled, it is always good to know upfront what that policy is.

Also, make sure you ask questions about the types of packages they offer and sessions you will get in that package. Do you want an album or would you prefer to simply get a disk of all the shots to create your own album? Is an engagement session included in the specific package or is that a separate cost? Do you want to order a print in poster size and get it framed? Even though you will not be choosing which photos you want to order specifically, it is always good to get an idea upfront of the cost of various items.

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Our SnapKnot review shows that you can rest easy finding your perfect photographer

Wedding planning is a lot of work and finding a photographer can be overwhelming with the large amount of photographers that are out there. SnapKnot is here to help make finding a photographer easy. Simply visit SnapKnot and get started with your free account that will have you matched with photographers who offer the exact services you are looking for within minutes!

We hope our SnapKnot review has been helpful for you! If you have any additional questions about what SnapKnot offers, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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SnapKnot Review: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer
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SnapKnot Review: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer
Are you looking for the perfect wedding photographer? SnapKnot is the ideal resource for you to research and find the photographer for your big day. Learn more about SnapKnot's features in our review.

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