Social Media Wedding Concierge – The Next Big Thing?

Trending right now in the blogosphere is the concept of a “social media wedding concierge.” As you may have heard, the W Hotels in New York are introducing this service to their wedding clients for the low cost of just $3,000. The social media wedding concierge would handle your wedding’s entire social media presence, including uploading photos to Instagram, pinning gift registry items and honeymoon ideas to Pinterest, live-Tweeting the entire day and creating a unique hashtag just for your nuptials. These are just a few of the responsibilities the concierge would handle for you – we’re sure that if you have a social media channel of choice, they will be sure to include that as well.

The social media wedding concierge is the W Hotel’s way of incorporating the concept of “something borrowed” into your wedding – you would be borrowing one of their social media experts for the day. Their idea is that this would take the stress and legwork out of managing your wedding’s social media presence so that you can fully enjoy the wedding day. While this is an interesting idea in theory, we here at BrideBox are not completely sold on the idea. Pinning pictures to Pinterest and uploading selfies on Instagram is part of the fun getting ready for your wedding, and we’re not so sure we want to pay a stranger to do those things for us.

wedding selfie

Photo Credit: Wedding Photo Swap

Here is the full list of services included with the $3,000 price tag:

  • Live tweeting of the ceremony and reception
  • Instagram photos and videos and Vine videos
  • Creating a unique wedding #hashtag
  • Encouraging guests to utilize hashtag and handles as they post to social media
  • Set up and maintenance of Wedding Blog before and after the big day
  • Curating registry wish list and dream honeymoon Pinterest boards to inspire couple
  • Wedding social media recap for the couple – a photo book complete with social media highlights from the planning process and a collage of the best tweets and instagrams sent during the wedding

This is a screenshot of the actual email sent to Huffington Post tech editor Bianca Bosker:

Social media wedding concierge

Photo Credit: Twitter

If this is something you are interested in, the W Hotels in New York are offering this service until December 31, 2014. So what do you think? Will you be hiring a social media concierge for your wedding?

Social Media Wedding Concierge - The Next Big Thing?
Article Name
Social Media Wedding Concierge - The Next Big Thing?
The W Hotels in New York are now offering "social media wedding concierge" services. Will this be the next big thing?

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