8 Summer Makeup Tips You Need This Wedding Season

Wedding season is right around the corner, and along with the ringing bells and flying bouquets comes a wave of warmer weather. Of course, everyone enjoys sunny days and trips to the beach to play in the sun, but when attending weddings during the summertime, things can heat up real quickly and leave you and your makeup at risk for a meltdown. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or an eager guest, these are the best makeup tips to help you look flawless and survive the heat during this year’s summer weddings.

Keep it light

Just like for clothing, the last thing you want for your face is more layers. Less is definitely more during the summertime heat waves, so avoid overdoing your makeup. BB or CC creams can be your best bet, as they can pack great sun-protecting SPF, help you conceal blemishes, and also keep your face feeling fresh and airy. More makeup means a more likely chance that your face makeup will be prone to running and heavy cakeyness which will surely not look great in photographs.

Let the sun do the bronzing

Although it may sound appealing to get into the sun-kissed mood with a glamorous, glittering bronzer, think again and stick to the basics. The bright sun will do its job to provide you with plenty of the glowing, dewy look, so avoid a bronzer with too much shimmer. Opt for a light, matte powder bronzer that will help you keep the shine under control and give you some great, subtle coloring.


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Don’t go dark

Set down your favorite dark lipstick and go for a soft lip color paired with a light, peachy eyeshadow. The smoky eye look and deep lipstick tones will look heavy and wintery and are also more prone to fading noticeably. Instead of spending your time touching up your look in the ladies’ room, you can be mingling with new friends and enjoying the summer sun!

SPF is your new BFF

When it comes to the long hours you will spend under the sun at weddings this summer, it’s very important to not forget to apply sunscreen. You may not immediately feel the heat, but after sitting through a ceremony under the hot sun, you will certainly feel the heat in the form of a sunburn. Choose foundations, BB or CC creams, or tinted facial moisturizers that have plenty of trustworthy SPF coverage to help you keep away the redness. The last thing you want at the end of a wonderful evening is a pink nose and dry, flaking skin.


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A pop of color

If you are feeling festive for some summertime spunk and want a pop of color, add brightness to your lips. Vibrant pinks, oranges, or a red statement color work wonderfully and are much easier to touch up than a dramatic eyeshadow. They can also bring a playfulness to your look and compliment your wedding outfit.

Wise with waterproof

For a beachside wedding, poolside soiree, or a countryside ceremony, your best bet is sticking with waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Wherever you go, the summer heat will follow, so you want to be prepared for a little sweat (and some happy tears, of course). Make sure you also use a primer with your eyeshadows or a cream-based shadow that will stay on longer and be less prone to smudging throughout the day.


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Prepare for touch-ups

The key for surviving summer weddings is bringing a touch-up kit with you at all times. Blotting papers and a light, translucent face powder (which will also help to set your face makeup) are essential to stopping unwanted shine. Remember that there is such a thing as too much re-powdering, (extra layers can cause cakey buildup) so opt for the oil-blotting sheets which are easy-to-use and won’t mess up your makeup. Of course, you also want to keep your lip color handy for touch-ups in between toasting and dessert time.

Keep it real

Unless your event is much later in the evening time, keep in mind that the early-afternoon sun will be high overhead and may cast shadows under your eyes. If you’re already worried about dark circles, you may want to keep your eyeliner modest and more concentrated on your eyelid. Also, the sun will be bright and unforgiving, so make sure you keep your makeup looking natural and avoid lots of contouring or applying too much foundation that may appear cakey.


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These makeup tips will make sure you are fully prepared to look fabulous this wedding season. Summer weddings are some of the most fun-filled, enjoyable events that you will attend this year, so get ready for a good time while looking good, too. Whether it’s a tropical destination wedding or a hometown backyard ceremony, you will surely be prepared with flawless, fresh makeup that will be perfect for every summer soiree.


8 Summer Makeup Tips You Need This Wedding Season
Article Name
8 Summer Makeup Tips You Need This Wedding Season
Wedding season is around the corner! Be prepared with these must-have summer makeup tips that will help you find the perfect, flawless look.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Pairing a red or orange lip with natural, simple eye makeup sounds like a great idea to introduce some fun into your wedding style. Protecting your skin from any sun damage is also a priority, and I’m definitely guilty of forgetting to wear sunscreen when I need to. Thanks for these tips!