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The 7 Colors That Look Fabulous On All Bridesmaids

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Bridesmaid Advice

Things to Keep In Mind As a Bridesmaid

When your girlfriend asks you to be a bridesmaid, she is telling you that she loves you, that you are one of her closest friends and that she wants you beside her during her big day. It’s a very sweet gesture and shows a lot about your friendship, but the...

odd number wedding party

What To Do With An Odd Number In Your Wedding Party

The people who make up your wedding party are the most important people in you and your partner’s lives. You each choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen from your closest circle of friends and family. But what if he was in a fraternity and has to have all five of his...


8 Games To Break The Ice With Your Wedding Party

Most brides pick their sisters, friends from college, current friends from work or cousins to be their bridesmaids. Many of these ladies are not connected to each other in any other way, and sometimes, the first pre-wedding event is their first time meeting one another. Same goes for the groom...

Fun bridesmaid photo

What To Do If Your Bridesmaid Drops Out Of Your Wedding

Your bridesmaids are the women in your life that have been there for you through thick and thin, and you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about who to include and were finally able to hand-select those who mean the most to you. As the wedding day approaches, you and...

maid of honor responsibilities

How to Be an Amazing Maid of Honor

It is an incredible honor to be asked to be the maid of honor at a wedding. With this honor, you will also receive a large helping of responsibility. You will have many duties to perform, and you will be one of the central figures in ensuring the success of...