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Picture-Perfect Wedding Makeup Tips

Every bride on her wedding day wants to look like a ray of sunshine – she needs to be the most beautiful person in the room! The one with the most radiant skin, flawless contour, immaculately blended eyeshadow, brows on fleek, mascara that won’t run when the tears start falling...

posed jumping wedding photo

15 Questions Every Bride Should Ask Her Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer is perhaps the most important vendor you’ll have to select for your wedding day. S/he will be the person documenting all of the raw emotions, special moments and little details of the most important day of your life. To help you find the right wedding photographer, we’ve...

Wedding Survey For Brides

Your Wedding Photography Experience

If you’re in the process of getting married, you know how much it helps to hear from other brides to avoid any potential disasters. We want to better help brides find their wedding photographer and photo products. We would appreciate your answers to a simple, 3-minute survey about your wedding photography...


Wedding Traditions: Who Pays For What At A Wedding?

  Few things in life bring as much stress and excitement as planning a wedding, and one of the top concerns is how to handle the finances. Newly engaged couples often have their hands full with things like guest lists, browsing venues and finding the perfect date, and in the...


Fall Bridal Trends: Everything You Need To Know For 2013

With Fall comes responsibility; school begins for many and work deadlines quickly approach for others.  Most brides find it so hard to keep track of fashion trends in the bridal industry with all the other responsibilities one faces this time of year. We’re bring you an overview of this Fall’s...

Wedding Superstitions

Seven Wedding Superstitions Exposed

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. There are many wedding superstitions out there meant to predict how long a marriage will last. These superstitions can apply to the bride, groom, or the couple as a whole. Photo Credit: Style and Elegance 1. Allowing a Cat...

How to Choose your Wedding Venue

How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing the wedding venue is one of the first decisions that must be made when planning a wedding. Whether the happy couple desires a small, intimate ceremony or a large, extravagant affair, the venue can be the most important factor. There are several issues to consider when picking the venue...

keep calm wedding mindset

Keep a Calm Wedding Day Mindset

Wedding planning can turn even the nicest couple into frustrated and seemingly rabid individuals. Coordinating so many events with so many people means there are bound to be missteps, and even minor setbacks can be overwhelming when planning your special day. You might be a monster during the planning, but...

Bridebox Wedding Car Photo

Brides, Grooms and Cars

Cars have always played an important role in weddings. They can be your transportation or a decorative piece in your wedding photography. Here are some photos of Brides, Grooms and Cars that will hopefully inspire some good photo-op ideas for your special day: