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The 7 Colors That Look Fabulous On All Bridesmaids

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Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Planning Tips

When choosing the members of their bridal party, a bride and groom designate their closest and most trusting few friends and family members. It’s an important role both for sentimental and practical reasons; the role of a bridesmaid comes with many responsibilities. Traditionally, the bridesmaids are the trusted few put...

Unique Bachelorette party ideas

11 Bachelorette Party Ideas

While crazy bachelorette parties are fun, today many women are opting out of the wild night-out option and swapping it for a creative party idea. If you and the other bridesmaids are planning a unique bachelorette party, the most important thing to ask yourselves is: what would the bride want?...

Bridesmaid Advice

Things to Keep In Mind As a Bridesmaid

When your girlfriend asks you to be a bridesmaid, she is telling you that she loves you, that you are one of her closest friends and that she wants you beside her during her big day. It’s a very sweet gesture and shows a lot about your friendship, but the...