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Nia McLean fiance

How I Met My Future Husband by Nia McLean

My fiancée, Sean and I met online in January 2011. I had been skeptical about online dating, but became curious about it after two of my friends met their current spouses on a popular site. Initially, it was rough. I received a number of salacious inbox messages from strangers who...

Carina and Ashley engaged

How I Met My Fiance by Carina Mead

My fiance Ashley and I met in January of 2009. I was at my best friend Sarah’s apartment. We had a few friends over for drinks and I, to be completely honest, was sort of on the prowl. The apartment next door was also having a party, albeit with about...

Beth Webber engaged kiss

How I Met the Love of My Life by Beth Webber

My hubby-to-be, Matt, moved to my tiny Arizona town when we were both in fourth grade. Although I won’t say that sparks went flying when we were nine, I will say that I found a very close, lifelong friend. For the next five years we walked to school together, played flag...

Amber Normand and fiance

How I Met My Soulmate by Amber Normand

Three and a half years ago, I was preparing for my last semester of college. I had my whole life planned and my whole life ahead of me. I was going to have an awesome career, move 2 hours away and eventually get married and have a family, but I...