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A Guy’s Guide to Being Best Man

Your best friend sends you a message one day saying something along the lines of, “let’s go grab a beer.” You knew he had already planned and executed a perfect proposal with a positive outcome and was on his way to getting married. Of course, you are ecstatic for him,...

Bridesmaids Get Ready Arrive Early

How to Deal with Last-Minute Bridal Party Hang Ups

Being a bridesmaid is no easy job. Dedicating so much time and effort into the bridal party, bachelorette party, dress fittings, and everything else that’s needed to make the bride’s experience as great as possible, we sometimes forget what it really takes to be a bridesmaid. But unfortunately, that doesn’t...

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15 Of The Best Groomsmen Cufflinks

Men in weddings are expected to look handsome and dapper in their formal suits and ties. Aside from color coordinating, there’s not much a man can do to show off his personality or style in his wedding day attire. This is where the cufflink comes in: the one accessory that...

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The Greatest Groomsmen Gifts

Your  groomsmen consist of the closest male friends and family members you have.  Your best childhood friend, your college “bro,” your brother, your cousin – no matter how you know them, your groomsmen are all extremely important in your life and you want them to support you and celebrate this...


8 Games To Break The Ice With Your Wedding Party

Most brides pick their sisters, friends from college, current friends from work or cousins to be their bridesmaids. Many of these ladies are not connected to each other in any other way, and sometimes, the first pre-wedding event is their first time meeting one another. Same goes for the groom...