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What to know about Prenups

Prenup Dos & Don’ts

No matter how happy you are with your partner, marriage is a difficult thing. Although you love your fiancé more than anything, the future is unpredictable, so be on the safe side and get a prenuptial agreement. A prenup does more than just sort out your financial plans if things...

Arguing with your fiance

5 Things to Avoid Saying to Your Fiancé

Proposals can be so romantic, you feel like you’re in a movie. But unfortunately, not everything after the question is popped will be happily ever after. This time together planning your romantic celebration is incredible and will likely bring the two of you together… But it is also stressful and may...


3 Benefits of Being Married You Probably Don’t Know About

When we daydream about getting married, we think about a lot of amazing benefits: enjoying companionship in new life adventures, having someone to lean on through hard moments, getting the opportunity to start creating a family with your significant other, and many more. However, there are some really incredible emotional and...

Changing Last Name Process

What You Didn’t Realize About Changing Your Name

Whether you’re just starting your wedding planning, you’re in your last two weeks before the wedding, or you just finished the big celebration, you have begun to think about changing your last name. This is a common adjustment that many couples choose to make, however there are some parts of...

marital problems

7 Problems Every Couple Faces In The First Year Of Marriage

Congratulations! You’ve officially tied the knot and you are now bound together by the ties of holy matrimony. Everything you’ve devoted your spare time to in the past year since the proposal has finally come together in the most magical and happiest day of your lives. As you move forward...