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8 Summer Wedding Favors That Are Totally Adorable

You want your guests to leave your wedding with not only wonderful memories, but a sweet souvenir as well. Wedding favors may seem unimportant compared to choosing your wedding music or arranging your seating charts, but they really add a nice touch and your guests will love them! If you’re...

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2015 Wedding Planner by BrideBox Wedding Albums

Planning a wedding can be a daunting and overwhelming task.  There are a lot of different things to consider and sort out and if not done properly, can cause anxiety and major stress issues for all parties involved. There are dreams waiting to be fulfilled, money that needs to be...

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The Greatest Groomsmen Gifts

Your  groomsmen consist of the closest male friends and family members you have.  Your best childhood friend, your college “bro,” your brother, your cousin – no matter how you know them, your groomsmen are all extremely important in your life and you want them to support you and celebrate this...

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The Best Wedding Welcome Bags To Keep Your Guests Happy

The term “wedding season” has come to refer to the spring/summertime when many couples choose to tie the knot. As your guests attend wedding after wedding, the routine of arriving and sitting through the ceremony to get to the fun of dinner, drinks and dancing at the reception can become...

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What Are The Most Common Wedding Favors?

Bridal couples love to create unique wedding favors to make amazing and memorable gifts for their guests. Some favors are intended to be a small but tasty treat while others are more expensive and are meant to last a lifetime. Whatever the case may be, brides and grooms today have...

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Expressing Gratitude To Those In Your Wedding by Beth Webber

It may seem a bit odd but I think the thing that has made the biggest difference to me in wedding planning is gratitude. It has kept me on the side of positivity, flexibility, and maintaining relationships. I remember reading research about the benefits of gratitude in college and have...