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5 Reasons Why Having a Small Wedding Is a Good Idea

When imagining their wedding, everyone has a unique imagination about what their special day will be like. From the abundance of flowers, to decadent cake and even the monogrammed napkins, every small detail can become a part of the dream. However, if you have always pictured your wedding as being a...

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Who You Should And Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

You’re getting married and you want everyone there to celebrate your love with you. But before you start creating a guest list, you need to consider two things. First, your budget will strongly dictate how large your guest list can be. The more guests you invite, the more money you...

How to Cut your Wedding Guest List

How to Cut your Wedding Guest List

This is your special day; no one can blame you for wanting to share it with the world. But all the same, one of the most common problems a bride faces is a wedding guest list that extends from here to Timbuktu. Most of us simply cannot afford to host...