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The Top 10 Country Wedding Songs

Sometimes, the only thing that’s perfect for the romantic atmosphere of a wedding is the slow sway of a country song with emotional lyrics, heartfelt ballads, and the sound of soft, rhythmic guitar strumming. Whether it’s for your first dance or to play during your ceremony to accompany a romantic moment, these are some...


20 of the Best Songs for Your Father Daughter Dance

When you step out onto the dancefloor with your father on the evening of your wedding, you want to dance to a song that has that perfect combination of overjoyed happiness and heartfelt emotions. These are 20 of the best songs for your father daughter dance, from recent pop hits to...


The Must-Have List of Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

This blog is brought to you by your friends at BrideBox Wedding Albums – the best DIY wedding albums available. Join our mailing list today to get 20% off your future album! We hope you enjoy this post! We all have our favorite love songs that never fail to make us emotional and that...

father daughter dance songs

10 Perfect Songs For Your Father-Daughter Dance

Fathers and daughters have a special relationship, building memories all throughout childhood and adolescence. Now the time’s finally come to be given away by the person sworn to protect you, into the arms of the start of a new life. The father-daughter dance at a wedding symbolizes this lifelong milestone,...