The 25% Off The Lake Wedding Album

Our Lake album is the newest product on the market that replaces the conventional photo book offered by most labs and photo book companies.  The advancements of this product provide a look and feel similar to that of a photo album, yet priced closer to that of a photo book.

What are its key features?

Using one sheet per spread

The two-page spread in the photo book is created with one sheet instead of the standard two page spread typically used with other photo books; this enables the user to produce an image spread across both pages and avoid cutting the image. Cutting is commonly used in a conventional photo book; it generally becomes problematic with objects that are centered in the photograph (with both curved and flat pages.) Using a single page spread potentially avoids the loss of information centered in an image which happens always in a conventional photo book.


Silver halide/ Photo printing

Typical photo books are purchased at retail or online stores; they are printed by digital printers, the industrial version of your home printer. They are typically faster, however their print technology is incredibly limited. Common errors and limitations produced by digital printers are scratches, color inconsistency and an absence of detail.  Our Lake wedding album is produced with silver halide photographic printing. This form of printing consistently delivers crisp, sharp images and provides detail within the photographs deemed essential by most brides (skin tone, gown and dress folds, color consistency, etc.)

affordable wedding album


Manual color correction

Each image produced in the Lake album is manually color corrected to ensure that the highest quality of detail and color is produced. Your typical web and retail photo book is not corrected and when corrected, are typically done so by machine.  This provides the user with an inconsistent, poorer quality form of correction.

single page spread wedding album

photo cover wedding album


Professional photo paper

The Lake album is printed on professional photo paper which ensures durability and longevity, while the average digitally printed photo book is printed on thin paper that potentially scratches, tears and deteriorates over time. Professional photo paper (like that of which is used in our Lake Album) has the quality and credibility that can ensure your images last a lifetime.

durable pages wedding album

vibrant colors affordable wedding album


Why does it matter?

Most photo book companies have their customers choose between cost efficiency and content quality. BrideBox says, “Why not both?”

BrideBox specializes in personal photo products for when quality matters. The Lake album is a cost effective solution that easily outdoes any other photo book presently available on the market. It is suitable for any special event ranging from weddings, quinceaneras, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs and art portfolios.  The Lake Album provides quality like that of a designer product portfolio, with the cost efficiency of a DIY photo book.

How much does the Lake Album cost?

Standard Lake Album 12 x 12Special Offer* 25% OFF
Standard Lake Album
Lake Flush Mount Photo AlbumLay Flat Photo Book

Special Offer: Use coupon code LAKESUMMER2013 during checkout and receive 25% OFF on all lake orders, expires 9/1/2013, cannot be combined with other special offers. For More Information, Visit BrideBox Wedding Albums

The 25% Off The Lake Wedding Album
Article Name
The 25% Off The Lake Wedding Album
The Lake Album is a newest wedding album inn the market, replacing the standard photobook. This product provides the look of an album with the price of a photobook

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