An Insta-Worthy Toronto DIY Wedding

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Iva and Nermin’s wedding was nothing but intimate and fun. On this day, they were surrounded by only closest friends and family and celebrated their union in a private school in uptown Toronto. These two set up their small DIY wedding in the morning and received their guests with the biggest smiles and the most genuine welcome. Iva and Nermin’s down-to-earth vibe was contagious. Despite Iva’s gorgeous wedding dress, she changed into her casual white dress right after the ceremony and the portrait session.  She and Nermin then quietly walked into the reception rather than having a grand entrance and immediately mingled with families friends. Together, they made their wedding a big party with lots of laughter. The night was ended with a crazy, fun, outdoor dance floor that’s in Iva and Nermin’s vision for their intimate DIY wedding celebration.




How They Met

On the Lakeshore West Express Bus. Having noticed his ears, of all things, several days prior, from a perch at the delinquents’ section in the very back of the bus, she was now actively stalking out the early morning commute to see if he would reappear, and more importantly, take notice (at least that’s how he saw it when he told the story to anyone who would listen).

In one of those twists of fate or fortune, or cosmic coincidences anchoring contemporary romantic comedies, he one day took up a seat right next to her, oblivious to her evident beauty and charm, and deeply buried himself in a news stream of imminent importance to no one but him and the device staring back at him. A tendency that, to this day, causes them some debate. She mustered up the courage to ask about the splint on his right pinky, explaining that she had just recovered from a similar injury herself. He immediately boasted about the gruesome way his volleyball mishap occurred, then talked endlessly and in a most self-involved manner about his interests: motorcycles, pop culture, his (very important) job, and urged her to visit his, by all internet traffic measures, mediocre blog that she politely complimented in a future conversation. Emails were exchanged, blogs were visited once, and the rest is history.





How He Asked

The spontaneity and excitement of the initial meeting had a most anti-climactic conclusion if the proposal itself is considered as such. In their shared one bedroom apartment, and in a deadpan manner, he dropped to one knee and opened the box that contained an intricate but modest design with her birthstone, a red ruby, set discreetly under the crown.






Advice for Soon-to-Be Brides

Three important things for all brides to remember leading up to and including their big day: Delegate, delegate, delegate. Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to actually enjoy the day.







Favorite DIY Element

The 4′ tall marquee LOVE sign, that the bride made by hand using plywood, string Edison bulbs, and high-quality spray paint. A labor of the thing it spells out, and now a memoir by which to remember the event.








Vendor List:

Photography: Evolylla Photography (Facebook, Instagram)

Venue: Crescent School

Hair & Makeup: Lush Brush Hair & Makeup

Wedding Bands: Livia Diamonds

Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal

Caterer: Coquine Restaurant

DJ: DJ Chris Rhythmz

Event Rentals: The Event Rental Group

Florist: Fora


An Insta-Worthy Toronto DIY Wedding
Article Name
An Insta-Worthy Toronto DIY Wedding
This couple's Toronto DIY wedding is adorable and filled with character. Their "how they met" story had us rolling on the floor laughing!

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