Underwater Wedding Photography is Making Waves With Newlyweds

There are always new trends in wedding photography that grow in popularity among brides-to-be every year. For newlywed couples feeling extra adventurous, this nautical new fad is just right for them. To add a splash of excitement, couples whose weddings are near the ocean are heading into the sea to capture unique moments in underwater wedding photography. Messy, yes and tricky, yes – but these photography excursions are stunning works of art that make your wedding photos one of a kind!

Taking the plunge

Given all the planning and care that go into choosing the perfect dress, this photo shoot concept may seem like a treacherous undertaking. However, taking the risk definitely pays off, as you and your spouse are left with unforgettable wedding photos. The iridescence and serenity of the water create photographs that are stunningly elegant. The simple deep blue background focuses on you and your partner and there is a calm, intense beauty of the ocean that is the perfect setting to capture strong emotions of love.


Photo Credit: Mr Wedding

Worth the wade

Underwater wedding photography not only gives you amazing, artistic photographs that celebrate your love, but it is also an experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Taking photographs underwater provides a sense of freedom that allows you two to break away from the poised, formal feeling of traditional wedding photos while still keeping the intimacy.


Photo Credit: Alyssa Campbell Photography

Underwater wedding photography also captures the excitement and adventurous nature you and your partner share, as you are exploring the open water while staying by each other’s side. Being underwater adds that rush of excitement that makes for wonderful, in-the-moment photos. They are also perfect to capture the beauty of a destination wedding.


Photo Credit: Sarah Lee

As you can see from these photographs, the water gives free flowing movement to your wedding gown and hair that is not created in traditional wedding photographs. Underwater photography also adds a wonderful aspect of playful romance as the two of you are swimming through the water together, holding hands.


Photo Credit: Mr Wedding

Getting ready for the dive

With underwater wedding photography, there are some important points to remember. First, learning to be comfortable and relaxed underwater is not as easy as it seems and, of course, you should be a strong swimmer. As far as hair and makeup go, make sure you have a trustworthy, waterproof mascara because not much else will survive the dive. Your hair will become styled by the ocean, so don’t worry about prepping it before the shoot.


Photo Credit: Renai Photography

The best option is to take your underwater photographs the day after the wedding, so you can be ready to submerge with your dress. Although you may consider this a “trash the dress” shoot, this may not actually be the case. Most dresses will not be ruined after the shoot, just a little sandy and salty, which can be easily cleaned. But keep in mind that once in the water, multi-layered dresses can become heavy and difficult to move around in. (This is a scenario where you may want to consider wearing a different dress to the photo shoot.) If your wedding is not on the beach or you don’t have time for it after the ceremony, you can plan an underwater photoshoot on a later date, perhaps for an anniversary adventure.


Photo Credit: Alyssa Campbell Photography

You will need to hire a photographer that is prepared to get wet and has the skills and equipment to capture all of your aquatic moments. They will also need to have an understanding of the photo shoot location so they can know the best spots, which places to avoid, and if the beach will get crowded. Although some foot traffic may be unavoidable, it is definitely wise to shoot at a more secluded location so you and your partner can feel as relaxed and natural as possible, free from any pressure. As long as the water is relatively warm, this photo shoot style can be very enjoyable and exhilarating for you and your partner.


Photo Credit: Renai Photography

If you are looking for a wedding photography session that is truly unique and extraordinary, underwater photography may be the perfect fit for you. Couples claim that their underwater photoshoot was an amazing choice and an experience unlike anything they had ever done before!


Underwater Photography is Making Waves With Weddings
Article Name
Underwater Photography is Making Waves With Weddings
A new favorite trend among brides, underwater photography provides a thrilling and beautiful experience that results in stunning, one-of-a-kind photographs.

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