Top 5 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts He Will Actually Love

When we think about Valentine’s Day, our mind is instantly filled with the classic gifts that everyone has either purchased or received at least once during their lifetime; the elaborative cards covered in hearts, countless red roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and gigantic teddy bears. And while these presents are always wonderful and sure to bring smiles, they sometimes lack the personal and intimate touch that makes a gift truly special. We’ve found the top 5 gifts to give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day that are friendly to all budget ranges and are sure to make this year’s holiday a special one. Whether he’s a bookworm, sports fanatic, adventure lover, or tech whiz, we have a list of gifts that are sure to fill his heart with happiness.


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1) Your Very Own Wedding Album

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, and what better way to do that than with a wedding album that holds all the beautiful memories of your most romantic day. Wedding albums are a fantastic, timeless gift: whether your wedding day was 5 months or 5 years ago, they will preserve your memories and show how much love you two share. Wedding days pass by all too quickly, but BrideBox wedding albums allow you to relive the most cherished moments of your special day together. BrideBox albums are the highest quality wedding albums available and cost fractions of what a photographer would charge for the same quality album. But unlike your a photographer’s album, with BrideBox you are able to make the album exactly how you want it with customized photos, covers, and design. The result is a family heirloom that celebrates your cherished love story in the exact way you want. This Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for a gift that will be forgotten, give a gift that will hold lasting sentimental value for the rest of your lives together. Reflect, remember, and reminisce with BrideBox’s amazing wedding albums that are available at even lower prices for a limited time with the 50% off Valentine’s Day promotion!

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2) Something Sweet for Someone Sweet

There’s a reason boxes of chocolate and other candies have become a traditional Valentine’s Day gift: everyone loves them! We don’t know about you, but we have never met anyone who got upset when they got a gift that was edible AND sweet. With this in mind, we encourage you to add your own twist on this classic present and give your loved one a sweet treat that was either handmade by you or crafted personally for them. Many bakery companies sell special customized treats, but if you’re quite crafty in the kitchen, find some great recipes for his favorite sweet treats and whip them up yourself. From classic chocolate-covered strawberries to football-shaped cake pops or bacon cupcakes (yes, that’s a thing), there’s a sweet, special something for your special someone. This gift is a great one to give on its own or to combine with another gift. If your sweetheart doesn’t have a sweet tooth, a thoughtful home-cooked meal with his favorite cocktail prepared will do. Either way, he will surely love the creativity and thoughtfulness you put into the gift.


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3) A Romantic Movie Night

With colder weather around the corner, it’s okay to opt-out of romantic outdoor activities, and have a night in. If you and your significant other’s favorite go-to date is a mellow night at home on the couch, then these are the best gifts to give. There are so many new technology accessories available today that can upgrade your movie-watching to the next level. Check out great gadgets like Google Chromecast (available for only $35!), a small, wireless adapter that streams your online videos straight to your TV, or a Roku player that has all your favorite TV shows and movies in one place. You can even throw in movie ticket gift cards to your local movie theatre for a date night. These gifts are perfect because the two of you can enjoy them together and revolutionize your movie nights.


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4) Boys and Their Booze

If some of your beau’s favorite outings involve happy hours and tailgates, then we know the gifts that are sure to cheers him up. Take a look at shops like World Market that offer great selections on a splendid variety of fun drinking accessories for every beer connoisseur and wine aficionado. Another idea is to do some research and find a nearby brewery or winery where you could purchase tickets for a tour and tasting and plan a date. If you both have an artistic side, you can even spice it up and buy coupons to go to a painting party hosted by a local bar or restaurant. Here, you two can enjoy drinks as an artist guides you through steps to create your own painting in a fun, lively atmosphere. These events are reasonably priced and allow you to make mementos to remember the special date.


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5) DIY Projects That Say ILY

We believe that some of the best gifts to give are the ones that come from the heart and are made by you with love. This Valentine’s Day, take the time to show your loved one how much they mean to you by making a DIY present. There are endless possibilities to the crafts you can get create, but the ones that are sure to be his favorite are the ones that show him how much you love him. One easy, low-cost project is to get a mason jar and bundle of popsicle sticks and write down one silly memory or thing you love about him on each stick. Everyday, he can pick a stick out of the jar and be reminded of what makes him special to you. Another fun idea is to make a book of homemade coupons that he can redeem at anytime. You can get creative and write IOUs like “breakfast in bed”, “10 minute massage”, or “you choose the movie”, and arrange them in a cute decorated booklet. This gift is easy on the budget and is a sweet way to add a little fun to your relationship.


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Whatever you gift to your special someone this Valentine’s Day, choose something that will truly show them how much they mean to you. This holiday is deeply meaningful because it’s the opportunity to show your romantic, creative side and spend time together expressing affection in many ways. However, presents don’t have to be expensive or extravagant to show you care, so find something that suites him and is made with love. Thoughtful surprises and sweet gestures of love make this day an important one for the two of you.

Creative Valentine's Day Gifts He Will Love
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Creative Valentine's Day Gifts He Will Love
Find the perfect gift just for him and make this Valentines Day special by giving your loved one a thoughtful gift that he will cherish. These creative gifts

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