Wedding Bouquets That Will Make You Swoon

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It’s officially wedding season and the spring flowers are in full bloom! Pinterest wedding boards are filled with beautiful peonies, dahlias, garden roses and more. It’s inspiration beyond belief. While planning your wedding and coordinating with your florist, the bridal bouquet becomes the first question with bridesmaid’s bouquets as a close second. You may not have thought of different styles of bouquets before today, but trust us, as a focal point in most pictures you want to make sure that you choose appropriately. So, the question is today, which bouquet matches you and your wedding best?

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Pageant bouquets are the perfect combination of different styles. It uses the elegance of cascade with the uniqueness of hand tied to create an organic bouquet that is hard to beat. Modern with an edge of dramatic that is becoming a trend in 2017 weddings. Brides typically choose these bouquets if they want something prominent but not too overbearing.

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Typically, these are smaller and more petite in size. They work perfectly for brides and bridesmaids alike. If you are planning a more budget-friendly wedding, this is the choice for you. Florists can mix and match florals and greenery to make a tightly formed gorgeous bouquet that stands out in weddings. For brides that choose Cascade, Hand Tied, or something similar, a nosegay would be the perfect complimentary option for their bridesmaids. As a very popular and timeless option, nosegay has become the favorite of most florists to date.

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Posy Bouquets are very similar to nosegays and often confused with them. They are meant to be held in one hand and are predominantly florals. Perfect for a more low-key and budget-friendly wedding. Unlike the larger bouquets, this is one that you can tote around all night. Most brides that choose this bouquet, also use something similar for their bouquet toss. If you do choose a larger bouquet as your main option, you should consider a posy for bridesmaids and your toss bouquet!

wedding bouquets - adrian photographers

Photo Credit: Adrian Photographers

Cascade Wedding Bouquets

The best description of a cascade bouquet is to think of a waterfall concept. While it can be all flowers, many florists are opting for a more modern garden feel where they use eucalyptus leaves or something similar to drop down from the main floral arrangement. Fair warning, cascade bouquets make a statement. In some cases, they can be overwhelming. As a bride, the first thing to consider is the complexity of your dress. Are you using these flowers as a statement piece or are you hoping for a more understated accessory? They will usually be the first thing people see, outside of you and your fiancé’s expressions when you see each other for the first time. If you’re looking for a show-stopping wedding, look no further – Cascade bouquets are for you!

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As the name may suggest, these bouquets are all about shape! Perfectly round and usually monochromatic, it is filled with peonies, roses, or something similar. With less variability, these bouquets are also very budget-friendly and timeless. You can add some depth and uniqueness by adding different shades of colors, or an heirloom to the base of the bouquet. You really can’t go wrong with these wedding bouquets!

wedding bouquets - esther sun photography

Photo Credit: Esther Sun Photography

Hand Tied Wedding Bouquets

Hand-Tied wedding bouquets are the perfect craft for any DIY bride. You can combine a beautiful arrangement of random florals with a hint of succulents. Or you can add touches of your garden with a beautiful satin ribbon to tie it all together. The idea behind these bouquets is to create an organic floral arrangement that really matches your wedding style, dress, and vibe that you’re going after. Hand tied bouquets are easy, low-maintenance and perfect for any bride that is trying to cut costs and do it themselves! The pictures afterward will be absolutely stunning as well. You really can’t go wrong with this option.

wedding bouquets - abbey moore photography

Photo Credit: Abbey Moore Photography


Unlike the other options, this bouquet really creates an opportunity to make an heirloom. Whether it be a bouquet with a brooch for a holder, or it’s a full brooch bouquet, your children and children’s children will admire it for years. You can keep it, admire it, and it will be uniquely yours. Brooch wedding bouquets are absolutely one-of-a-kind and make for the perfect photo opt! If you are a bride that likes to go against the norm and stand out, this is the option for you!

wedding bouquets - jenny demarco photography

Photo Credit: Jenny DeMarco

Florals can an extremely stressful part of planning, especially when a florist is involved! You’re never quite sure what it’s going to turn out like, so you want to make sure you have an idea of what you like and don’t like before making any decisions. Putting together a Pinterest board beforehand will be your saving grace. After looking at these bouquet options and choosing what the best option will be for your wedding, you’ll be able to perfectly articulate what you want your wedding to look like. Keep your florist accountable by sharing which style fits you best!

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Wedding Bouquets That Will Make You Swoon
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Wedding Bouquets That Will Make You Swoon
Find out which wedding bouquets are best for you and your wedding with this easy guide. You'll be able to choose your perfect design and flowers in no time!

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